Sunday, April 15, 2007

Knitter Nice

I'm back from our annual homeschool convention. It is a rather physically grueling weekend but well worth it, in terms of inspiration, shopping and camaraderie.

Once incident that took place really epitomizes the instant rapport knitting can inspire. When it took place, I thought absolutely nothing of it but when the story was related to my DH (an adorable muggle), he was rather appalled. I am curious, however, what others might think.

It was a rather brisk day in Minnesota, so I chose to bring Samus, knowing it would be the perfect layering sweater. I wore the sweater on and off all day long and garnered a number of lovely compliments on it as the day progressed.

Late in the evening, while waiting in line in the bathroom, a stranger asked if I'd made my sweater. I very demurely said, "Why, yes, I did." She proceeded to make the appropriate generous compliments and I responded in the most humble manner in return. Then she proceeded to ask me if I'd read Mason-Dixon Knitting.

The conversation progressed for several more minutes. I learned she was from Nashville and had met one of the authors and that said author was a "hoot". I also learned which patterns were her favorite and shared with her which patterns I liked as well. We parted on most friendly terms as we exited the bathroom and went on into our own little lives.

Now I find that where ever I go, my knitting bag (or in this case, Samus) is a magic key to opening conversations. In fact, there are times when I wish it wasn't quite as effective an opening for strangers, since I am a bit shy and have a rather largish sense of personal space. Episodes like the one that happened Friday happen all the time and I've never thought it unusual or strange.

My DH, OTOH, found it somewhat disturbing that I would engage in a conversation with a perfect stranger in, of all places, a public bathroom. What I can't figure out is, is it a muggles thing or is it a man thing? What do you think?

Pictures, at last. I've been working on a cardigan. It's specifically being made to showcase some lovely buttons by Glastonbury Glassworks. I promised some pictures, so here they are.

I have to say that knitting with ribbon is a bit more challenging than knitting with yarn. Since I pick (Continental knitting), the yarn/ribbon tends to twist more. I *ahem* borrowed Peep's little doll bucket to use as a holder for the ribbon balls, as an attempt to minimize the twist as the ribbon comes off the ball. However, I frequently have to stop and untwist things to get a smooth flow of ribbon as I knit. I'm not obsessing about keeping twists out of my knitting, since I want to come out of this process somewhat sane but it would be impossible for me not to try and control the ribbon a little bit.

Well, off to church and life. Have a blessed Sunday, ya'll! (A little Nashville-speak for my new knitting friend).


Sheepish Annie said...

It's a "guy thing," I"m sure! First, men's restrooms are not conducive to conversation...or so I've heard. ;) Secondly, and I've actually done some studying in this area (brain development, that is, not bathrooms!), the male brain works a little differently than that of the female. We are "communicators", they are more task-oriented. If you're done in the bathroom, then you're done. Conversation is not only not required, but suspect given the location.

Loving the new sweater! Those buttons are fantastic!

Guinifer said...

I've never been able to bring myself to knit with ribbon for just that twisty reason - but I love the fabric you're getting with it.

Also? I think it's a guy thing - they still don't understand why we go to the bathroom together, right?

Marlene said...

It's a guy thing. Although I don't make a point to converse with strangers in public bathrooms, I would if I had something to say. Faced with a beautiful handknit sweater, how could I resist?

I would draw the line at continuing the conversation while IN the actual stalls though.