Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunshine at last

The weather has finally cooperated and allowed me to get some decent photos of my knitting progress.

The Sunshine tank was made from a pattern found in the March issue of the Lion Brand newsletter. I happen to be a subscriber, so I get an update via e-mail. I'd link to the pattern but I'm pretty sure you'd have to subscribe to see it, since I always have to log in to get to the free patterns. I love the shape of this tank and plan to make a few more with other yarns and in other colors, since it was such a fast and simple pattern. The only modification I made was to make the decreases at the armholes and neckline mirrored, just to make things symmetrical.

I also finished my Gull Wing socks this week but they happen to be in the laundry already, so you'll have to wait for a photo of those. I'm into instant gratification and those socks went onto my feet the minute the tails were woven in. Although I'm sure you couldn't smell them through your monitor, I just couldn't take a picture of dirty socks. Call me crazy.

The new socks on the needles have been a definite challenge. I finally am attempting the Pomatomus socks but being the toe-up fanatic I am, I'm doing them backwards. This is actually my second shot at these socks. The first try was with Sockotta yarn but the definite space-dyed patterning of the yarn really detracted from Cookie's fantastic ribbed lace pattern, so I frogged my first attempt and started over with the Death Eaters yarn from Scout. I love the striping I'm getting with Scout's yarn and am very pleased that I was able to get the yarn to start at similar points, so the stripes are lining up, to some degree. Such a fun yarn to work with. I'll definitely be getting more of Scout's yarn in the future.

Since the pattern is very challenging, I've also cast on with the Sockotta yarn and am making some plain toe up socks. I can work on the Pomatomus when I am free to concentrate on the chart and rewriting the instructions for a toe-up construction and pull out the plain sock knitting for hockey games and other times when a more mindless project is preferred.

As for the rest of my life, it has been a roller coaster. My bout of squirrel pox was threatening to turn into monkey pox and I've had a rough week with migraines, just to make life even more difficult. Fortunately, due to a loving family who has taken over most of the chores and let me rest and sip Nyquil and down Imitrix with startling regularity, the threat of the dreaded monkey pox seems to be fading and I may even be well enough to attend the annual Easter gathering of the in-laws tomorrow. An emergency run to the pharmacy has ensured a new supply of Imitrix (why do I always run out on holiday weekends?), so as long as I get some sleep tonight, I should be good to go.

Since Easter is the most significant holiday of the Christian year, I probably should post something profound. But I have so little wisdom to offer. There are greater minds out there sharing much deeper thoughts than I ever could. All I know is that Jesus has risen and because of that, I'm saved! Thank you, Jesus!

Have a blessed Easter.


Sheepish Annie said...

I love the Sunshine Tank! But I'm unfamiliar with the concept of sunshine at this point...maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to picture life in tank tops. (I hope)

Not the Monkey Pox!!! I live in fear of the dreaded MP. I am coming up on the year anniversary of my dreaded bout with that horrid disease and am counting on my flu shot to keep things manageable this year. Stay well and Happy Easter!

Rani said...

It's gorgeous! Now it just needs to warm up!

livnletlrn said...

Hey, nice tank. Looks like maybe a springtime haircut happened too? Even if you feel otherwise cruddy, a fresh hairstyle and springtime knits will certainly lift your spirits. Enjoy!

Guinifer said...

I LOVE the sunshine tank! I may have to go download that pattern - I already am a "member" so should be no hassle!

We've three cases of the Monkey Pox here - you can smell the cough/cold medication oozing from our pores - plus the antibiotics and steroids - yoiks!