Sunday, April 22, 2007

Recurring refrain

Once again, I have no pictures to post. This time, I must chalk it up to busy mom syndrome.

First, I have some lovely daffodils that have bloomed in my flower beds, but it was raining when I discovered their existence. So no photos yet.

Second, I just finished my first Perdita. It turned out very lovely but it needs to be blocked before it will shine in all its glory. So no photos yet.

Third, progress is still happening on the ribbon cardigan, my Pomatomus socks and some plain socks but progress photos seem so boring, somehow. So no photos yet.

Fourth, the Eye Pillows are getting done in a hurry but since you've already seen one finished but unstuffed, it seemed silly to post a picture of 4 finished but unstuffed pillows. I did manage to get the lavender today, so a little sewing and stuffing and the Eye Pillows will be ready to photograph, then gift. So no photos yet.

Fifth, I spent most of the weekend traipsing back and forth from the dance studio, since it was National Dance Weekend at our studio, transporting two of my daughters to various classes. We have picture days for the next three days at the studio, so when I was home, I was filling out a huge stack of forms that need to be turned in for each photo shoot. Three girls, with a total of 9 classes, adds up to a lot of forms that needed to be filled in and prepared. Add housework and cooking and my weekend was bursting at the seams. And Hockeyboy had a game this evening, so the whole family headed out to watch him play late this evening. So even if everything had come together nicely and the weather had cooperated, I probably wouldn't have had time to take photos.

So no photos yet. But I'm knitting up a storm, in odd moments here and there, so I'll inundate the blog with a plethora of photos in the near future. Promise.


Guinifer said...

I'm exhausted just reading your schedule. Did you make it out to the Yarnover?

Sheepish Annie said...

Pictures??? Are you kidding? I'm impressed with all the knitting you've been able to get done with everything else going on! If you managed to get pictures taken as well, I'd probably need to take a lengthy nap on your behalf...