Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Protestors, Unite!

This is the vision I woke up to this morning. But let me draw your attention to more than just the snowy landscape. If you look closely, you will see something unusual. Can you see it?

There were dozens and dozens of robins in my backyard this morning. They were in many of our trees. At one point, I counted a dozen in this little choke cherry tree alone. They were flying in and out of the yard in large groups and they were LOUD!

My theory - they were protesting this belated snow event. If they were going to act as heralds of spring, by golly, the weather had better pay closer attention.

My children have joined in the chorus. All day long, as they toiled along on their schoolwork, they would periodically glance out the window at the sky and shout, "STOP snowing, already!"

Unfortunately, it didn't work. It's still snowing. Doh!


Guinifer said...

OMGoodness! We had the same thing in our backyard yesterday! The kids and I were laughing that we were in a Hitchcock film!!! They were thick in the backyard!

Sheepish Annie said...

Snowing here, too. But I'm looking at disgruntled seagulls instead of robins. And since the gulls are not the most respected of birds, I doubt that their protests will be taken seriously.

Or that of a snow-crazy Sheep...