Friday, October 19, 2007

Sewing Room Friday

Okay, folks! Hold onto your hats. Yet another opportunity for me to come clean (you'll note the irony of this phrase shortly, I'm sure) about my real life and personality.

In an effort to become more of a joiner and to find some external motivation to (a) clean up my sewing room and, (b) find the mojo necessary to finish up some quilting UFO's that have been languishing in the depths of my sewing lair, I've elected to participate in Sewing Room Friday, a little idea cooked up over at Wee Bit Wonky.

I promised to photograph my sewing room on Friday's, with no extra cleaning or preparation, beyond what takes place in the ordinary course of life. While I fully desired to get into the sewing room and set up my sewing machine and do a little quilting this week, that did not happen. I'm still hoping for a few hours this weekend to actually do some quilting but it remains to be seen if the dream actually does become a reality or not.

So, without further ado, here is the state of my sewing room, as of 6 am this morning.

You will notice that the sewing machine is not actually set up on the sewing table. Highly visible are some drips of a mystery substance down the face of the sewing machine cover. Best guess - coffee. Coned yarn, which has tumbled off the top of the table sits undisturbed on the floor and various bits of unidentified stuff appears on the edges of the photo.

Here is a shot of the current "Top of the Quilting UFO List," a master bedroom quilt I'm paper-piecing for my bedroom, sitting on my giant ironing surface. Also visible are signs that other crafters have been working in my little sewing corner. A bag of cheap craft felt and the case of embroidery thread were used by Dancing Diva for a school project. An empty cone that Peeps was using as a trumpet one day, along with a handmade bracelet made by the same 6 yo also adorn my ironing table, along with an unholy amount of clutter and junk.

This shameful shot is of the top of the actual sewing table. The crate contains Peeps' and Bubba's ragtime quilts and the stack of magazines are awaiting refiling on the bookshelf. The green fabric is a little outfit for Peeps that somehow got dumped out of the crate it was once neatly stacked in.

Obviously, I'm not looking for a miracle. I have little faith in my ability to reform myself in the neatness arena. I'm a Grade A, Certified (certifiable?) creative genius/talented artist/total slob.

But maybe if a few people mock me about my slovenly habits, maybe I can at least get this little corner cleaned up and reorganized.


livnletlrn said...

I am SO sure your mojo is buried in there somewhere. If you start tidying it up, there's no way you can avoid getting psyched about any number of gorgeous WIPs! :-)

Tonyia said...

Man, that could be my sewing area! My big cutting table is the BEST place to set stuff down.

I'm kinda with you on the knitting mojo having disappeared. Maybe sewing is the answer for awhile?!