Saturday, October 06, 2007

(Sigh of relief)

It's been an eventful week around Chaos Central. Between hockey tryouts, homeschool coop classes, a fun tour of a pottery center, Awana, a high school football game cut short by a phone call about a puking child at home and the 13th birthday of a certain Dancing Diva, we're just a little pooped around here.

All I can say is I'm glad it's over!

On the homeschool coop front, it was the second class this semester for my Beginning Knitting class. I only have two students this go around, which is very fun and far less stressful that teaching the 6 to 8 I normally get. It was a real blast to help the girls finish their first projects (headbands) and exit the classroom, all wearing our latest creations. These two girls are exceptionally gifted with hand/eye coordination, so I predict that they are going to just take off in their skills by the end of the semester. So much fun!

We spend Thursday afternoon touring the Northern Clay Center. The two older girls are taking a clay class in our homeschool coop and this tour was part of the class package. It was a fascinating place and made me want to take a few classes in pottery making myself. Not that I need another hobby . . . but still, watching an expert throw a pot on the wheel - wheeee! Looks like so much fun.

Our night at Awana was a wild one this week. Our club has grown to over 50 kids in the Truth & Training age group alone. Because of this unprecedented number and space considerations, we've had to revamp our entire system. It is an adventure trying to make everything flow like it should and I'm in for a challenge the next few weeks.

Yes, I mentioned a certain landmark birthday this week. Dancing Diva is officially a teenager (though she's been acting like one for years). As part of her birthday celebration, she was invited by her BFF, who attends a local Lutheran school, to the homecoming/youth group activities at the Lutheran High School, with a sleep over at our house to follow. I was tagged to chaperon this particular outing, since my DH remembers his experiences at H.S. football games and was not reassured by the fact that this was a Christian H.S. Alas, 15 minutes into the first period, word came that Bubba was not well (to quote Hockeyman, "She's throwing up all over the house!!!!") A quick phone call to BFF's parents verified that they indeed didn't want her exposed to a stomach virus. This required a radical shift in plans resulting in a transfer of sleep over location to BFF's house and my somewhat dubious assignment to carpet cleaning duties at home. Ugggh! And it was shaping up to be an exciting football game, too. Oh, well . . .

Are you all on tender hooks by now? Is the thought, "But what about hockey tryouts?" running through your heads? Is the suspense just killing you?

Well . . .


Hockeyman made the B1 team!!!

The level of rejoicing in Chaos Central has been of epic proportions (much to the fluffy knitting companion's obvious alarm and disgust). While Hockeyman was shooting for the A team, after the trials and tribulations of a rather inconsistent try out, he's extremely thrilled to have made B1.

I suspect that the sound of snoring at Chaos Central tonight will alarm both Koda and the neighbors, for it has been pretty quiet around here the past few nights, what with all the sleeplessness around here.

Oh, and on the knitting front - well, there hasn't been too much of that going on. Go figure!


Sheepish Annie said...

I've already emailed my congratulations to Hockeyman, but I'll say it again here: Way to go!!! It's going to be an amazing season!

It sounds like chaos reigned for a while there, but I'm hoping that it's settled down into the usual hectic routine for everyone. Carpet cleaning...bleh!

livnletlrn said...

WooHoo Hockeyman! Show 'em what you've got!

And a big b'day and pukefest and all that other excitement too. Wowza, you guys. Boredom? What dat?! :-)

Guinifer said...

Good for Hockeyman! Whereas, it's not the A he was shooting for (does he really WANT the stress and time commitment that goes with A level hockey?) Yay for him and B1 - Woot!

Hope the little one is feeling better and birthday celebrations were festive, nonetheless.