Friday, December 28, 2007

Cutting Room Friday

I can't really call this post Sewing Room Friday, since I brought all the fabric and supplies for my costume and DD#2's new dress up to my dining room today. But it is sewing progress of a sort and worthy of posting.

Bubba is a little carbon copy of myself (in personality, not looks). She loves to make stuff and has a very creative point of view. Give her a snippet of fabric and some glue and she'll fashion a butterfly or doll costume out of it. When we were out hunting for red velvet for a Santa costume I needed to recreate, she found this netting with embroidered flowers and bought a yard of it with her own money. She's been anxiously awaiting the chance to have me help her cut it out and learn to sew it into a dress.

Since I had to get moving on my costume for Beauty and the Beast, it only made sense for me to cut out both my costume and her dress at the same time. Cutting out patterns is my least favorite part of sewing, so I do as much as I can while I'm in the mood.

I'm not quite done cutting out my costume pieces. Due to my rather full-figured, short (or stumpy) figure, I will need to do some re-drafting of the vest pattern for the costume. I cut out a trial vest from scrap fabric to monkey with before working with the real stuff.

I also have the muslin for the petticoat and vest lining in the wash. Of all the fabrics purchased, it is the most likely to shrink significantly if I need to clean my costume during the production. And I probably will. From all accounts, the choreography will be pretty strenuous and since we have 10 performances and 2 dress rehearsals, I suspect that the costume may get a bit gamey. Although grime may be in character, a foul stench may be carrying the whole role-playing thing a bit too far.

I have no issues with being anachronistic in that sense - nor will my fellow actors, I'm sure.

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Ellen said...

Stinky dancing teapots and brooms? This may be a production I'll have to sniff out . . . tee hee!