Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick Christmas Update

It's a busy day in the neighborhood, so this will be a very brief post.

The gift knitting frenzy is upon me, even though I vowed not to get caught up in the madness this year. Fortunately, I have re-evaluated my priorities and cut back my expectations. As a result, the twitch in my eye has settled down and I am looking far less scary and frenetic.

First, one more FO. The hooded vest for Peeps is complete. I am still planning to make the matching doll's vest but since I already know it will be a very quick knit, I have taken a short break to work on gifts for Hockeyman and Dancing Diva.

Recently, Hockeyman requested some fingerless gloves for use during Airsoft Club. I remembered the Knucks pattern from Knitty, so I went online to get the pattern. Then I found Cigar. It seemed even better for winter shooting practice. It has been a quick knit. I cast on yesterday morning and finished the first one early this morning. I'm already past the brown section of the second glove, so I'm sure this will be off the needles sometime tomorrow. I'm using the leftover yarn from his balaclava, so he'll have a nicely coordinated Airsoft set.

Dancing Diva has requested some leg warmers for dance. They are close to done but I need to move them up to a larger needle for the last section and the needles are being used for Cigar. I promise a photo and description in my next post.

Finally, in the kitten world, Harley and Koda are slowly getting better at being together. When they play, Koda still vocalizes quite a bit but we're certain that it's just a habit and it will be the way she plays for now. The only issue that is plaguing us is that Harley wants to play all night and Koda's vocal performance awakens and alarms various members of the family throughout the night, leaving everyone (but the cats) bleary-eyed and weary during the day.

If only we could play all night and sleep all day - then all would be well in Casa de la Gatos.


trek said...

Sheesh, Harley really is a baby - up all night and dozy all day.

Guinifer said...

...and LOOK at those feet! No wonder he makes so much noise.

Sheepish Annie said...

Desdemona was a "singer" at night, too. And it didn't start until after Persephone came to live with us. I think she just liked to let me know that she was still around. And what better way than to wake me up?


livnletlrn said...

Jesse's first Airsoft meet was yesterday and he is PSYCHED! Many plans for accessories he'd like to gather!

Rani said...

OOoooh! I just want to smooch that little fella!

Kudos on the knitting!

Ellen said...

At least it is your own cat - we get night time visits from Penelope Down The Street. Sweet but shouldn't she be indoors by now!!