Friday, January 04, 2008

Sewing Room Friday

At last, some actual sewing progress to show. This is the start of my villager costume for Beauty and the Beast (BATB). As is pretty obvious, I still need to finish the hem of the skirt. I am also not pleased with the petticoat because it tends to get a little to chummy and cuddly with the tights I'm planning on wearing. (Not a good thing when the director has you galloping and leaping around the stage - yikes!) So I'm debating making a new petticoat or just lining it with a less clingy material of some sort.

I still plan on adding some type of patterned fabric to jazz things up a bit, so I'm making a striped apron and mop cap to round out the whole ensemble. Stay tuned for updates!

I also have some knitting progress to show. I've been trying to finish the front and back of the Center Diamond Pullover so that they could be blocked. I really had little faith that the very pointy, distorted diamonds I'd been working on would really block out flat. Whenever I tried to pull and twist them into some semblance of a flat square before they were finished (I'm just too impatient, sometimes), they defied all manipulation and stayed as pointy and bizarre as a Madonna brassiere.

But I should have known that Vogue Knitting would not let me down. After a good soaking, they behaved beautifully and practically blocked themselves. Here they are in all their flat and ribby glory. I've already seamed the shoulder seams and am well on my way up the turtleneck. Though I suspect that shortly I'll be stuck on sleeve island for awhile, I am thrilled with the results so far.

Certainly a welcome change from my recent visit to the frog pond! Oy!


Rani said...

WHOO HOOOO!!! I can't wait to see the show! If you hear an obnoxious "WOOOOO LORI!!!" You may know who it is.

Love the costume and the sweater. You are amazing!

Tonyia said...

What a GREAT dress! You do marvelous work!

livnletlrn said...

That's some mighty fine costume work!

I'm curious to see how the diamond pullover finishes off -- tried to find it on Ravelry to see how those squares turn into a sweater, but no luck. I'm loving the squares so far!

Sheepish Annie said...

Amazing job on the costume! You shall most certainly be nominated for the Tony for costume design!

And the sweater is looking good as well. The stitches and cables are so nice and crisp!