Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sewing Room Sunday

I totally skirted around Sewing Room Friday this week, with the costume reveal on Thursday and now this post. My goal in joining was to get into the sewing room more often. It goes without saying that it is working like a charm, even if I'm not actually posting my sewing progress on Friday.

Today I was cutting and sewing the costume for our Mrs. Potts. The delightful lady playing this character is Peeps' (DD#3) music theater teacher and is one of the funniest ladies I've ever met. I am very happy to be helping out the costume designer by doing some of the sewing for her and am especially pleased that I can get my hands on Peeps' beloved teacher's costume.

Needless to say, while cutting out the pattern, I got some unexpected and somewhat unwelcome help. There is just something totally enthralling about the crinkly sound of tissue paper to Harley. You can see that he's trying desperately to slap this skirt section into submission. Not very helpful and even a bit destructive. The poor guy ended up being grounded to my room for the morning. Silly kitty!

Once I banished Harley to the bedroom, I was able to finish cutting out the pattern and start sewing the bodice together before we left for a hockey scrimmage in Mankato Once I got home, I managed to finish the bodice and am ready to do a fitting tomorrow. Perhaps there will be something worthy of a photo by next Friday.

On the way to and from Mankato, I was able to complete the DH's birthday socks. The photo is lousy, I know, but it was dark by the time we got home. But DH put them on immediately and is still wearing them, so this may be the best photo you'll get until I get them back to wash and block. Needless to say, he's happy with his new socks and I'm happy to have a finished object checked off my to do list.

And happy to be able to cast on something new. Maine Morning Mitts, anyone?

In hockey news, the boys won 11-0. It was another embarrassing blow out, with direct orders by the coaches to pass at least 3 times and to go around the back of the goal at least once before making a shot. A tough game for parents on both sides to watch but the other team was very classy about it all. And kudos to the other goalie who stopped 34 shots.


Sheepish Annie said...

Yup. Knit a mitt. Mitts are a must. Do it. You will be happy you did.

I'd like to tell you that Harley will grow out of his love for the paper crinkling. But, I fear it is a lifelong addiction. Best of luck!

Rani said...

Congrats Hockey Boy! And Congrats to mom on the socks. Phew. Check another off the list!

PS. Mrs Potts = Cindy? If it's C.L. tell her, "Maria Elena says HI!" (she played my aunt in a play at CVFT! SHE'S FRICKIN' HILARIOUS!)

And now. Twiddlin' my thumb, waitin' to see some Maine Mitts ;-)

trek said...

Kittens find way too many things enthralling.

And don't listen to the Sheep: you will fall into the Void of the Mitts and never return.

Tonyia said...

My younger kitty, now 6 years old, still thinks the cutting/work table is hers. She jumps up and gets right in the middle of everything. If I block her and she can't jump up, she grabs my leg and hugs for dear life. She also prefers to sit on my lap when I'm trying to sew.

She's darn persistent about the whole thing, and if I really want to get work done, I have to lock her in another room.

Some cats just want to SEW!

Guinifer said...

Do we get to see Mrs. Potts? Yep the kittys always crack me up around sewing patterns, that is until things get torn asunder! HM's sock is delightful.

That was quite a game. I always clap really hard for the other team's goalie - they have a tough job.