Monday, October 09, 2006

2 in 1 socks - Take 1

Well, the first try at the 2 in 1 socks ended in a mess. I know I understand the concept, theoretically. However, things went horribly wrong in the real world. There were a number of factors that contributed to my humiliating failure. Not the least of which was the fact that I haven't used double points for socks for a long time. Add to the tangle of managing two balls of yarn and 10 pointy needle ends to the trials of trying to get back in the groove of holding yarn on both hands at the same time again and trying to remember which yarn moves to the front and which moves to the back and trying to get the ribbing figured out on two socks at once and being at a noisy dance studio with strange kids asking repeatedly, "Whatcha' doin'?" or less strange kids asking me to drop everything and read them another story - "Please Mommy!!!!" (Insert puppy dog eyes here).

I need a glass of wine, some quiet music and some strong, handsome man to keep all young people under the age of 14 at bay while I try again. Unfortunately, my DH is at hockey tryouts with my son. Doh! Guess it's back to my Autumn Widdershins for now. Where is that wine bottle?


livnletlrn said...

The parallels continue. Our weekend, like yours, was spent firmly planted at home, happily working on our projects and interests here. (No sickness here, though, thank goodness.)

And yesterday I found a mistake in my knitting and struggled to figure out how to fix it w/o tinking, but no success yet. So when I decided it was time to put that frustrating thing in a time-out, I returned to a comforting sock-in-progress. :-)

Sheepish Annie said...

And that's why it's good to always have multiple projects going! Or at least that's my excuse...