Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Very, Very Small Milestone

I have just passed 100 visitors at my humble blog. I am pleased to have reached that little milestone, although I know that the same people are probably visiting multiple times. I just want to say thanks to all my friends and faithful commentors. I love you guys.

But there is another blog out there that just eclipses anything I could ever hope to achieve here. Granted, I have no high aspirations but WOW. This blog is the Sun to my space dust. The comments to her recent post stand at 1087 so far today. Of course, she had some really great news - an "I do coup", so to speak. So she deserves every comment and all the best wishes in the world. How she managed to pull off the surprise is beyond me but kudos to her for the outstanding blog post. It was the ideal mix of photos with titles, comments and play on words. Wow, all I can do is bow to the master and cry, "I'm not worthy!"

Now for the knitting news, because I was so disgusted with the slow progress on the Fall Widdershin Socks, I did cast on another pair of socks with size 2 Addi's and the leftover purple yarn from the Flying Purple Widdershins. I figured I'd use the purple on the feet and then maybe use some other leftovers for the cuffs, if I didn't have quite enough to make anklets or something. I was just bored enough to get wild and crazy and trust to my ingenuity if I ran out of yarn. I'm nearly done with the toes and figured if I change my mind, I could even start striping the socks with leftovers. Who knows, I'm just in a kooky mood. It was a wild weather evening (lots of lightening and wind but no rain - spooky) last night and I got all wonky and weird.

I also dug in my stash and found some Lana Grossa sock yarn in a pretty blue/green/yellow color combo and wound it into two equal balls yesterday. I printed out the 2-socks-in-1 instruction from and I'll be ready for my Socktoberfest challenge socks. The bad news is that the instructions are for cuff down socks and I am a toe up kinda gal, so I'm going to have to suck it up and kitchener this pair (I HATE the kitchener stitch). But it'll be worth it to learn a new technique, right? All in the spirit of Socktoberfest. Huzzah!

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Sheepish Annie said...

I do agree with you about that particular blog! That was something of a surprise!! But, you know, we all contribute to the blogging community even if some of us are destined to do it in a smaller fashion. Congrats on hitting triple digits!