Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Slow sock progress

Slow, slow, slow, slow. That's how the sock progress is around here. Using my size 1 needles and knitting two socks at once makes for very little visible progress on the socks. It's a shame that I like fine gauge socks (5.5 rounds/cm or 14 rounds/inch) because these are just taking FOREVER, so I won't bore you with pictures until I've got some real progress to show you. I may have to just start another pair with thicker yarn and bigger needles, just for some immediate gratification around here.

Instead, I decided to share a picture of the tree that's visible from my back windows. It is truly glorious right now, especially when the morning sun strikes it or the setting sun illuminates it. I wish my photography could do it justice. It is just radiant in the right light. I know that the next rain/wind storm will put the leaves in the backyard (which has it's own rewards for the kids), so it is a very transient glory we enjoy every fall. But it just takes my breath away every time I walk through my kitchen or family room. I can't help but stop and give praise to God for His marvelous creation each and every time I see this special view and be thankful that I live in a house with such a wonderful back yard and a view like this. WOW!

Of course, when I pointed this wonder of creation out to my kids, my 13 yo DS, who is studying Botany right now as part of his HS Biology course, promptly informed me that the degradation of the chlorophyll is allowing the existing xanthophyll and carotene to appear. Not exactly the response I was looking for but, then again, isn't education a wonderful thing!

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Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah...I prefer a finer sock yarn, too. But I hate how long it takes to knit them up!

Such a pretty tree!! The colors are finally starting to pop here in the northeast and I'm quite distracted on the commute to work, lemme tellya!