Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hockey Man (and a meme)

Today happens to by my DH's birthday. I must say he is getting a little disturbed by the whole birthday thing, ever since the big four-oh a few years ago. When DS#1 started trying to spank the old man, I warned him to beware of repetitive strain disorder, which was a remark made the DH a little miffed. Given than I'm older than he is and he likes to tease me about my age, I figured he could take a little gentle ribbing. Ha - guess I'm the tougher one after all.

However, he's had a pretty good morning so far, with breakfast served in bed and a pan of brownies cooling as I type, to be served with ice cream later this evening. A loving back rub and some pampering later today and I'm sure he'll forget all about the teasing. I don't know why he should worry. He has a full head of hair and is only getting better with age, IMHO.

Well, I've been tagged by Sheepish Annie. So here goes:

Find the nearest book
Open to page 123
Type lines 6-8 of said book
Tag three others

"The reindeer were about the size of Shetland ponies and their hair was so white that even the snow hardly looked white compared with them; their branching horns were gilded and shone like something on fire when the sunrise caught them. Their harness was of scarlet leather and covered with bells. On the sledge, driving the reindeer, sat a fat dwarf who would have been about three feet high if he had been standing. He was dressed in polar bear's fur and on his head he wore a red hood with a long gold tassel hanging down from its point; his huge beard covered his knees and served him instead of a rug."

I'm a huge fan of these books (this is a compilation volume) and re-read them every few years. I also own them on Cd's and have introduced them to my children. Can you guess what children's book this is? I'm going to have to tag Tenniel, livnletlrn, and Guinifer.

On the knitting end of things, I picked up Samus this morning and made good progress on the cabled cuffs while watching Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire (sigh - I love Fred!). I'm hoping to finish the cuffs today and pick up for the sleeves. Since we have no plans today, other than some birthday boy pampering, I think it should be possible to make this goal. I'd love to finish this sweater soon, since it would be nice to finish this before it's too warm again to wear it. This winter has been so kooky, it could be swimsuit weather within a month. Everyone down south seems to be stealing all our snow, so who knows? Surfing, anyone?


Sheepish Annie said...

Crossing the four-oh mark is a tough one, but it sounds like DH had a good day despite some good natured ribbing.

Can't quite place the book...and it's driving me nuts!!! I feel like I should know this!

Guinifer said...

No fair! Now who am I supposed to tag?

Tenniel said...

Narnia of course!

Guinifer said...

Oh yea - I was going to say Narnia as well...