Monday, January 08, 2007

Slight detour on New Year Resolution

Since both the older kids received MP3 players for Christmas, my DH made a special request - that I make holders for them. He was concerned that the kids would drop-damage and/or lose their players if they weren't properly housed. So I took a break from UFO knitting to whip up these quickies.
They are knitted in the round on size 0 dp needles with Knit Picks Dancing Yarn leftover from some socks. The outer pocket folds down so the cords can wrap around the unit. Then the pocket folds back up over the cords, neatly enclosing everything. The double layer of fabric gives extra padding, should the unit be dropped or bumped into. There is a loop on the back to wear the unit on a belt or to be used to fasten it to a backpack or purse. The flap closure is off-center so the ear-phones can be plugged in and the player can be listened to while housed in the holder.
These were a lot of fun and I may make one for my player, even though mine is a completely different shape than the kids' players.
Woohoo!!! While I was typing, my Socks That Rock yarn arrived. I'll snap a picture and post it tomorrow. Now I'll really have to hurry up and finish my UFO's so I can give this stuff a try.
On the UFO front, the bodice of Samus is done and I've started both cuffs at once. I like working both sleeves at the same time, so doing the cuffs together made sense. Shifting Sands is nearly finished, since it is my traveling project and it gets more consistent work done on it. A few more hours and it will be finished. The socks will take a little more time, since they are a very fine gauge and I'm not even to the heel gusset yet. To be honest, I'm not feeling the love with these socks and they may be frogged yet and replaced with another UFO to meet with my resolution requirements. We shall see. Off to dance and to work some more on Shifting Sands.


Sheepish Annie said...

Resolutions, in my opinion, are really just guidelines, not strict rules. I figure that, as long as you're remembering to attend to those things you decided to address, you're good to go even if you need to do other stuff!

Great MP3 cozies!!! Very creative and a great way to use up yarn.

Guinifer said...

Love the mp3 cozies. Which socks are you stuck on? Widdershins? Sounds like you've been goin' great guns!