Saturday, January 20, 2007

HockeyBoy Sock Progress

Not much knitting news - I'm finally - FINALLY - past the black hole knitting and into some fun stuff on HockeyBoy Socks. Samus hasn't been touched recently, nor has Shifting Sands, although I did finish one washcloth of three, which will be a thank you gift for a friend.

I feel like such a bad blogger, having so little progress to show but the black-hole-socks-of-gigantic-proportions seemed to take forever before getting to anything even remotely worth taking a picture of.

If DS#1 hadn't pulled out the puppy-dog eyes, I don't think I would have even attempted making socks for him. But he was feeling unloved, since I'd made socks for each of the girls but not him. In his mind, love must be measured by the number of hand-knitted items owned by the children of a knitter. I have a great deal of apprehension about these poor socks since he seems to have sandpaper feet that are too big for his body but seem to be still growing. Who knows how long these socks will survive but I have made HockeyBoy promise me two things: 1) he will wear these only at home (not to hockey), and 2) only in slippers. Abuse of these socks will result in the following consequences: Confiscation of said socks and re-gifting to my DH, who happens to have the same size feet as HockeyBoy right now. Whether my DH would wear such vibrant socks is not the point. The threat is enough, I hope, to keep DS#1 on the straight and narrow.

Then again, perhaps a written contract . . .


Sheepish Annie said...

The socks look great and I'm sure that DS#1 will show the proper appreciation and respect for the fine handknits!

Guinifer said...

Those are "sweet" as my hockey boy would say! I could definitely see those being worn in the stands!