Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping by faith

Faith can be a life saver - honestly. This last week is a great case in point.

Initially, we were scheduled to go to Kansas City. My hubby went to college there and has wanted to go visit friends and show off his alma mater to the kidlets. However, a week before we were to leave, he came to me with grave reservations about that trip. He didn't feel he had anything to base it on but his gut was telling him not to go to Kansas.

Since I knew how important it was that he pay attention to such promptings (he's had them before), I suggested several other campgrounds in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. After some research, he settled on one I hadn't even suggested in Hayward, Wisconsin, and the reservations were made and we were off.

It wasn't until we were back to civilization with television and weather news that we realized what a close shave we had. After hearing about the devastation from flooding, tornados and other weather-related issues in Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin, I am convinced that it was God talking to hubby. The weather up in Hayward, WI was cool and misty but the few showers we endured were nothing compared to those further south. What a blessing to enjoy a calm vacation in such a beautiful setting without all the chaos that severe weather would have created. Whew!

In knitting news, I did manage to finish the back of the Tweedy Hockey Vest in the Malabrigo I recently purchased before injuring my left hand. The front is cast on and a few inches along but will have to wait a few more days. While the swelling has gone down a little, I still can't grip much with the left hand. While the middle finger took the brunt of the force, all the fingers of that hand are stiff and sore.

I did bring my spinning wheel out and plan to try some spinning tonight but in the meantime, I resurrected an ancient UFO from my needlepoint phase of 15 years ago and am gingerly stitching away on it until I can return to quilting and knitting. I only have the roof, sky and band for the recipient's name left. I can't imagine why I stopped working on this Christmas stocking when I was so close to completion but, alas, I did. Hopefully, it will be just enough work to keep me busy until I'm back to full knitting strength.

Well, we're off to a full day of music camp, dance camp, play dates, an orthodontist appointment and an emergency homeschool support group meeting.

And I thought things were going to slow down for the summer. Oi!


Guinifer said...

The vest is looking gorgeous - Hayward was fantastic on Saturday!

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow. I'm so very, very glad that hubby listened to the inner voice. That could have been a scary trip!

Meanwhile, enjoy the needlepoint and try to not let things get too busy! Summer should be enjoyed, after all...

livnletlrn said...

Nice needlework!

trek said...

Very nice needlepoint. And vrey glad that you didn't follow through on the Kansas trip!

Tonyia said...

ooooh, you REALLY camp! YAY!

That looks like a fabulous campground. We love to camp in non-commercial campgrounds. (My sister-in-law recently asked "do you get wireless internet where you camp?" No, sometimes we don't even get cell signal!)

love your needlepoint - still tricky to do with one GOOD hand, though, eh?