Monday, June 16, 2008

A slow return to knitting . . .

It was one of those mornings when I arose before the roosters. It was about 3 am today and, knowing I'd need to go back to sleep at some point or risk being accused of being a zombie this afternoon and being neutralized by some concerned citizen with a bullet to the head. Or a pie to the face.

So, rather than take a walk or do anything particularly stimulating, I chose to turn on TCM and watch Fiddler on the Room and try to knit. I cannot say that it was an unqualified success. I managed to knit 1 and 1/2 rounds on the May Year In Socks installment before deciding that the fine yarn and small needles were a little too hard on the Stupid Finger. However, it did give me some hope that I could perhaps knit on something softer and on bigger needles very soon. I am planning to give Tweedy vest a try very soon. (BTW, I did manage to doze back off around 6 am for another hour of sleep - guess I'll be safe from gun-toting, zombie hunters this afternoon.)

One thing that is also hindering the return to knitting is the achiness of the good hand. The good news is, I got the job at the local ice cream shop, It's Just Perfect. The bad news is I've been putting in a lot of hours training for the position. Who knew scooping ice cream could be so strenuous! I am sure that I will adapt to the stresses of the job soon enough but it is a bit frustrating to come home and be too sore to craft.

Ergo, there is nothing new to show in the fiber arts department. But my garden is definitely starting to come alive with color. This shot is if the Veronica that is along side the garage. All this sprung from 3 small plants put there 8 years ago. It spreads with abandon and I've transplanted much of it to other areas of the garden. You just gotta love a plant that just keeps filling in and spreading out like this one.

Now if I could just bring myself to go weed the vegetable garden. Yuck. Do you suppose the Stupid Finger is enough reason to pawn this job off on the kidlets?


Guinifer said...

My garden is crazy green this year. I wish I had some purple color.

Sheepish Annie said...

I think you are safe from extermination. Zombies are pretty easy to identify. They're the ones nibbling on the citizens. Tired people are just shuffling around and they won't hurt you. Sure, they growl sometimes...but they are perfectly harmless.

Rani said...

Get those kiddies out there! You can pay them in radishes(smirk) or clean laundry. That's what I tell mine.

Poor poor little finger. Get well soon!