Friday, June 27, 2008

Dribs and Drabs

Once again, the insane pace of life around here has left me bereft of any coherent blog fodder. Instead of torturing a few disjointed issues into a semi-logical format, I'll just use the old bullet points to catch up on a few things around here.

  • I've been a bit of a fiber arts butterfly of late, knitting a bit here, weaving a rug there, petting yarn and hunting out sock patterns in spare moments. Ergo, a little progress on a lot of things but nothing worthing of photography.

  • Even if I wanted to post a photo, I'm having problems with uploading photos. DH changed some security settings and I've had to jump through hoops and play with settings to be able to post photos. While I'm getting pretty good at making adjustments quickly, the software just won't let me do anything with it today.

  • Would that be considered a bad software day?

  • I've been working lots of extra hours at the ice cream shop this week. A temporary crisis has made it difficult for my boss to be in the shop in the evenings, so I've been there every night but Tuesday this week. And it will probably continue into next week as well.

  • At least I'm socking away some extra money to cover gas expenses for awhile.

  • But I'm tired. Really tired.

  • I've developed a serious obsession with the idea of creating a fairy garden in our landscape. The initial idea came from Fiberit but a quick internet search yielded inspiring sites like this. Being the d0-it-yourself kinda gal I am, I am anxious to give miniature building a try.

  • It's time for pointe shoe shopping again. Dancing Diva managed to break the shank in one of her shoes and with pointe class every week this summer, she needs a new pair, pronto. So off we go to St. Paul today.

  • I like ballet shoe stores. I'm actually looking forward to it. Guess it's a case of vicarious living through a child.

  • I've finally been able to leave the splint off the Stupid Finger. I still have to be very careful not to twist caps or lids with my left hand or put any pressure on the side of the SF but it is gradually getting better.

  • Fortunately, I can type, since there is no pain using the finger straight forward or down.

  • It still looks terrible, the knuckle being very large and discolored yet. Stupid, Fat, Ugly Finger!

Well, that's about it. Of course, there's a whole bunch more about hockey camps, upcoming camping trips, the flood damage situation in Iowa and stuff but I'm all bullet-pointed out.

Ta-ta, time to go flit among the tutus.


Sheepish Annie said...

Mmmmm....I do love a good bullet post. So much information in such a small space!

I know what you mean about the flitting knitting. I can't seem to settle on anything these days. But a little bit here and a little bit there will probably result in an FO at some time or another, right?

Rani said...

When I was in my very late teens, I went for my first pair of shoes. Standing there in point in the store was so incredibly painful, I promptly quit ballet. I don't know how they do it and I wish people had a better appreciation of what they do!

Hooray for Fairy garden. I'm going to invite myself over for a look one of these days!

Ellen said...

I took a fairy garden class once at Shady Acres Herb Farm. We made them in wide, low pots with herbs. I still have the pot and the flower fairy but she is temporarily living on my kitchen window sill. Next to R2D2! Email me next time you're in town for toe shoes - we can go get a sub sandwich!

trek said...

I cast on for a sock today.
I have not yet knit on said sock.
As of this moment, it is a pretty sad looking bit of sock.

Glad to hear about the finger healing.

trek said...

I cast on for a sock today.
I have not yet knit on said sock.
As of this moment, it is a pretty sad looking bit of sock.

Glad to hear about the finger healing.

Guinifer said...

So - are toe shoes as expensive as hockey skates? There goes the gas money if they are!