Saturday, December 30, 2006

Convalescent knitting

Well, my back continues to give me grief, with some better days and then a few bad days. I had an MRI yesterday and the dr. is talking about a cortisone shot next week but I'm working hard on my PT to avoid such a drastic measure. Needless to say, I'm spending plenty of time resting between PT sessions, which means lots of knitting progress.
The Vine Lace Widdershins are complete and ready to be gifted to a dear friend. The photo does not do the pattern justice but there is no way for the lace pattern to show up in a photo because of the yarn. But I really enjoyed the pattern and hope to make a pair in a solid yarn in the future.
I've also completed 3 Octagonal Swirl Washcloths, first inspired by Sheepish Annie, then by Trek. A fun pattern that works up quickly and the results will be gifts to friends, as well.
I know, I know, I was going to do some selfish knitting. And I have. I have finished knitting a pair of slippers for myself (in the background of the washcloth picture). I need to felt them yet but my back is not allowing me to do much laundry, yet, so I'm waiting until I'm a little better before attempting that job.
I worked on Samus for awhile and have the body nearly completed. It is pretty heavy, though, so wrestling it around makes my back ache so that I've set the bodice aside for awhile. When I have the washcloths all finished, I'm planning on working on the braided cable cuffs for the sleeves, since they won't tax my poor, aching back.
Well, even with moving the chair and keyboard around and making every effort to get this desk as ergonomic as possible, I've typed as long as I can. Even blogging and visiting blogs can only be done in short sessions right now, so I'll try and catch up when I'm better. Blessings to all for a Happy New Year.

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Sheepish Annie said...

The OS dishcloth is so much fun to knit that it qualifies as "selfish knitting" even if it is a gift. I just love that pattern! Mommy Sheep got four for Christmas.

Keep resting and taking care of that back! Feel better soon.