Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thanks to my blogging friends

Several friends have posted warm thoughts for healing. I thank you all. I am doing somewhat better. I've decided that my bed is the major culprit, since I wake up in the morning with the worst pain. If I stay in bed, I just get worse. If I get into my favorite chair, with proper lumbar support, and to my PT exercises as prescribed, I begin to feel rapidly better. Of course, the heavy-duty pain medications and muscle relaxants help, too, I'm sure. If I wasn't so attached to my DH and hated sleeping alone, I'd try sleeping in my chair. But that would only be a temporary solution, at best.

Thus, I believe it is time to give the old bed the old heave-ho. Something to think about, anyway.

I am still figuring out how to address comments, since I feel like such a new blogger and there is so much etiquette to be learned.

Sheepish Annie mentioned in one comment, "That quilt is just beautiful. The one I started this past summer is still sitting untouched. I have a fear of binding. I sorta didn't actually bother to learn how to do that...newbie quilters are easily flummoxed, I suppose! " Now, I'd love to offer to help her finish the quilt or even finish it for her, since she bring such joy into my humdrum life. But I could find no e-mail address on her blog and it felt weird to post a comment on one of her posts, since it would not relate to anything in her posts. Is making that offer in my blog allowable? And yes, Sheepish, that Octagon Swirl washcloth is a blast. I'm on #5 and I've only started on them this week. Thanks!!!!

Also, when I receive e-mail notification of comments, the return address always has "no-reply comment" in it. Does that mean you can't reply? Yet someone else e-mailed me from a different account recently and I could reply to them. How did they do that? Can I do that with bloggers that I want to share my e-mail address with?

Guinifer, I am going to have to take your suggestion and go halvsies on the Christmas money. The Socks That Rock yarn is just getting such raves that I've got to try it.

I want to say thanks to everyone who complimented all my FO's. It really warmed my heart and gave me the strength to press on when the stress was on. I don't have many readers but I love those who do comment regularly. You rock!


livnletlrn said...

Hey there, Lori, sorry to know you're still down for the count. I don't know if it's available in your area or if it would be appropriate for your back problems, but a friend of mine went through the whole PT and increasing doses of meds path a couple of yrs ago. She had no improvement from all of that and docs were planning major surgery, even though they told her it had <50% chance of helping her. All looked very bleak. She finally found relief with a modality called prolotherapy. I had never heard of it before, but seriously, she went from basically wheelchair-bound, completely incapacitated, to 100% improvement and able to go camping, pick up her children, hike, etc.

Thank goodness you can still knit and have raised capable kids who can help when needed!

Hang in there!

Sheepish Annie said...

You are so sweet!!! And I will take you up on the offer for binding instruction! I've put off the quilt construction pretty much to avoid the finishing. Now that I know I have some expert help, this will motivate me to complete my humble nine-patch!

The new Blogger pretty much wiped out email replies for everybody. It is one of the features that I really miss. I have responded to people in their comment sections several times now that I don't have the option to just, "reply." I probably should look at getting my email up on the blog, though...

annATericsimagingDOTcom (caps standing for the appropriate symbols)

Happiest of New Years to you and your family and thanks for all the wonderful projects and stories you've shared with us. I love seeing how others make the yarn sing!