Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

Here is the delicious birthday present purchased with the gift from my Daddy. Four skeins of Shimmer in the Flower Garden colorway from Knit Picks. It has a luscious hand because it is 70% Baby alpaca and 30% silk. Unfortunately, I didn't get a perfect color match on the computer, as the real things is a lot deeper and has more purple/burgandy tones but it is lovely, lovely, lovely.

Now I need to find a pattern that takes under 1760 yards of lace weight yarn. Although a shawl would be an obvious choice, my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to wearing such an article of clothing very often. I'd love to find a lacy, openwork sweater, similar to this but written for lace weight yarn. The latest Vogue Knitting has a lovely cropped lace sweater that I'm looking at modifying to lengthen it to reasonable proportions but it's on the back burner until the Christmas gifts are finished. I can't write or rewrite patterns until the pressure of Christmas knitting is off the ol' noggin.

On the hockey front - the boys tied their first game in the tournament. It's a point-based tournament, so the early games are allowed to end in ties. DS played hard, in spite of feeling crummy but 4 members of the team are down with the same symptoms and one of the other top players on the team dropped out of the game halfway through the first period because he was too ill to continue. It's going to be a long weekend for the whole team. They are playing their second game as I type. But it was a wise decision to stay home. DS#3's symtoms have worsened again today, with a spike in her fever this morning. She's watching Annie on DVD and staying in bed today. Shuttling her back and forth in this cold weather and into and out of cold arenas would have been a bad, bad thing. Pour little peanut.

On the gift front, I'm halfway through the knitting on the first of the two new gifts on the "to do" list and will post a picture later. It's going fast and I'm pleased with what I picked and how it's turning out. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the weekend. Again, it's a felted project, so it will need to go in the washer at some point but that's no biggy. I was able to watch 3 Danny Kaye movies on TCM last night while knitting away. What a hilarious evening I had. I laughed out loud so many times, I scared the cats.

Well, back to the grindstone. Actually, it's not much of a grindstone. I'm enjoying this pattern and the movies and the absolute control over the remote. It's heady, this domination of television watching. What is that quote? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? DH may come home to a remote control megalomaniac. Muahahahahah!

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Guinifer said...

See - I told you it wouldn't be so bad! I had to sit in the Urgent Care in Chan this afternoon for three hours, so I hope yours manage to get well on their own! (DS fell while snowboarding and we feared a broken leg, but it was just a badly bruised knee).