Sunday, February 03, 2008

Beauty & the Beast update

Well, the madness continues with BATB (my favorite shorthand expression for Beauty & the Beast). Today we loaded the sets into the auditorium that we're performing in. From noon to 9 pm we were scheduled to finish assembling, painting and arranging the set. My two older children joined me in the marathon construction session.

To add to the chaos, I slipped over to costume central for a few hours to check in with our designer and pick up the next set of costuming assignments. I'll be making teacup and saucer costumes this week, with some creative license thrown in for kicks. What a treat! Being a die-hard Project Runway fan, this is the kind of stuff I really live for.

So, I'll be designing and sewing my little heart out this week. That is, when I'm not in rehearsal for the show. We're one week away from our dress rehearsal, so the race is on to get everything polished and ready for the show.

In sockish news, I did manage to finish the toes of my February Socks. I even did the first row of the chart . . . but that's it. I'm anticipating some knitting time at rehearsals this week, as we all need to be there for entire acts but I won't be on stage for much of it.

That is, if I don't have costume stuff I can work on . . .



SunnyG <> said...

I can't figure out this blog thing ... trying to get a message to Lorraine.
I would like to find knitting instructions for a mop cap -- want to make a winter cap that won't smush hairdo, and would love to use the fancy cool new yarns. My google address is
Thanks! SunnyG <><

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, this all sounds so exciting!!! I missed out on the theater sorts of stuff in my younger days for the most part. I always envied the acting crowd...