Monday, February 04, 2008

Did I mention we'd have down time?

I did make some progress on the February socks while waiting for my scenes at practice tonight, as expected. That is, when I wasn't distracted by the fabulous solos and show-stopping numbers. Wow, this show is going to rock.

Anyway, as far as the socks to, I'm lovin' the color and the pattern is fairly easy. Now that I'm in the regular repeats, hopefully I'll soon have the pattern memorized and can set the chart aside until the gusset shaping.

Now, for some blogger housekeeping: To answer your question, Sunny G, I'm not sure where you'd find a knitting pattern for a mop cap. Mine was sewn from a self-made pattern. I measured the crown of my head, then added the amount I'd need to "pouf" it out, then added enough for the elastic channel and a brim. When all was said and done, it was a circle with about a 22-24" diameter (including seam allowances).

My guess is if you can find a circular doily or washcloth pattern and keep up the repeats until it is 21-22" or whatever you think you'd need in diameter, including some eyelets for a gathering at 17-18" diameter mark, you'd probably come up with a pretty fair approximation of what I did.

I must say, you have me intrigued by the idea of a knit lace mop cap for Beauty and the Beast. Would I be completely insane to attempt another costume project with just over a week before opening? Hmmmm!


Guinifer said...

I really like the yarn you are using for your Feb. socks. I haven't cast mine on yet - best get going.

Sheepish Annie said...

Insane? Not at all!!! Knit on. And I'm loving the Feb sox!

SunnyG <> said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I had typed "mop cap knit" in the Google Search line and your blog popped up, so I went on a limb and emailed the post. I have to learn how to blog ...
I'm a very strong Christian, but a very neophyte knitter (and blogger - grin).
Since I love collage and handmade paper and fibers and found things, the name "Faith and Fiber" was very intriguing.
I also have to come up with a costume every year for the national dog show I attend. The costume has to be for me and my dogs. I was Beauty and the Beast in a past show -- I was the tall beast and my dog was the beauty with a blonde wig.
This year's theme is cartoons, so I'm trying to figure out something like Pooh or Calvin and Hobbs (not enough characters) or Sesame Street that will be three to four characters -- me and two or three dogs. Maybe I'll start blogging my process ... be good experience in learning how to do this blog thing.
Especially since I want to start blogging my daily experiences with a miraculous huge "green" project God and I are undertaking.
Thanks again for your suggestion. I think I'll be visiting again.
Sunny <>< in Sun Valley and the Ruffian Woofhounds

Rani said...

Would it be insane? Yes. Would you do it anyway? Yes.

I can't wait for the show! WHOO HOOOOOO!

Ellen said...

Yes. It's the only answer.