Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello, my middle name is "Fatigue"

It has been a whirlwind week at Chez Dramatique! First, Beauty and the Beast has had two shows and it is going very well. As always, there were a few technical glitches, mostly with sound. But the show has been well-received.

In preparation, I ended up doing quite a bit extra set work this week, doing all of the draperies on the set, including the swags in the lair and pit, the swags across the castle platform and a special boudoir drape that gets flown in for Belle's bedroom scenes. It was strenuous since all of the work was done at heights of 10-15 feet or attached to the fly system, which takes some muscle to raise and lower. I was introduced to the catwalk system and spent several hours dangling at precarious angles, freaking out Dancing Diva and other spectators with my daring, aerial acrobatics. Fortunately, I have no fear of heights and am quite comfortable working on ladders and other high places. The work is now done and I managed to survive another day to drape again.

Second, Hockeyman finished his season on Thursday night. In a disappointing loss to EP (0-1), the boys finished 4th in the district, one win shy of going to regional playoffs. HM is taking it very well. I suspect he was very tired and ready to accept either outcome. The boys played exceptionally well in all their games, and the final loss can only be attributed to the EP goalie's flawless game. I'm secretly a little relieved as well, since having playoffs during the show has made life extremely hectic and harried and having a little breathing room is a good thing. But I am sad, too. (sigh)

Lest you think I've forgotten my sweet little Harley-boo, here is a new photo of him. He has decided that this shoe box was a great place to hang out. As you can see, though, he has grown quite a bit and doesn't quite fit in it anymore. He already weighs more than Koda, although he is still visually smaller. I suspect he is going to be one BIG Tom when he reaches his full growth.

He has also become quite attached to the men in the family. If he has a choice (and with 3 girls in the house, he doesn't usually have a choice) he'll cuddle with a man. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when he sees the DH and I sitting together and he makes a beeline for the DH, completely passing by and ignoring me. While Koda is MY cat, choosing my lap over everyone in the house as her favorite, Harley has made every effort to worm his way into the DH's good graces.

Oh well, I guess I can share my cat with my favorite valentine.


Guinifer said...

Well, congrats to HM for a season well-played. Our season is still dragging on and on.

We may have to come up with an addition to your blog name - how's about Fearless Faith & Fiber?

Oh, Harley! Men are all the same aren't they? Stick together through thick and thin!

Sheepish Annie said...

Sorry to hear that HM's season is over, but it sounds like it was "meant to be." When you're tired, it's time to rest, I do believe.

Harley is such a sweetie! I think it is perfectly OK to share all that cuteness.

Rani said...


We're off to see the play today! I've heard wonderful things from my family . . . especially about the costumes!

When will you get all your knitting done, now that hockey is over?!