Friday, February 01, 2008

Sewing Room Friday and other news

I'm finally going to post some pictures. Believe it or not, I did clean up a little bit before starting this next set of costumes. It's a shameful state, I know, but right now, finishing costumes is a top priority, with a whole crew of us working 6 - 8 hours a day on sewing.

The result of today's efforts is a shirt for Lumiere. On deck for tomorrow, the Beast's tattered shirt and 8 little pill box hats for our teacups.

In knitting news, I cast on my February socks for A Year In Socks today. Unfortunately, I'm not even done with the increases on the toes but considering how much sewing I had to do, I think just casting on was an accomplishment.

In hockey news, the boys played their last two district games this week. We tied Tonka on Tuesday and beat E.P. Black 3-0 tonight. We've earned a double-elimination spot in the playoffs and are just waiting for the last few teams to clinch their spots to find out our playoff schedule. It's going to be a wild couple of weeks in this household, between district playoffs and Beauty and the Beast opening in 13 days.

Yikes! Where's the caffeine? Gimme, gimme!


Tonyia said...

OOOOH, is that a pretty little featherweight in the lower right corner?

Your fellow castmembers must LOVE having their own seamstress - what a great job you are doing!

Rani said...

I can just imagine how happy CVFT is with you on board. Another costume maker! (I had to find my own during Buddy and it was nerve wracking!)

What will you do when hockey is over. I assume that's some prime knittin' time!

PS. You've been awarded the "You Make My Day" award over on my little bloggy-poo.

two more things: I tried a short row toe (for my toe-up) 3 times and I actually started crying. Hate them.

Finally, I had a dream last night that 147 people had suddenly e-mailed me to join A Year In Socks and I just about had a nervous breakdown.

Sheepish Annie said...

I can just feel the "busy" coming right out of the pictures! But, for what it's worth, your sewing room looks cleaner than my bedroom these days!

Stay caffeinated! And enjoy all that fun stuff you're doing!