Friday, February 22, 2008

Quickie Project

Eureka! I actually have a FO to show today.

This item has a bit of a history. Last week, Dancing Diva managed to lose her cell phone. After re-tracing footsteps, we eventually found it at the high school. It had been found in the parking lot and turned in to the office. Although it still worked, it was a little dinged up and scratched.

Dancing Diva, being the creative soul that she is, managed to cover the dings and scratches with some well placed rhinestones and decorative stickers. However, it was evident that a protective cover would be necessary to prevent further damage if dropped, as well as a way to keep the decorations in place and guarded when tucked into a purse or pocket.

So I quickly whipped up this little cell phone case using some small quantities of leftover yarn. Add a loop to the back to hook a spring clasp and a Hello Kitty button and you've got the quickest little FO in town.

Ain't it sweet?!?


Rani said...

Darling! Now copy down that pattern and get on Ravelry!

Guinifer said...

Dang! If you hadn't mentioned the button I never would've noticed it - and I totally thought of Hello Kitty when I saw it!

Heather said...

great little case! I have been meaning to make one for Eldest's MP3 player... quick you say?