Friday, July 28, 2006

Last Day of Dance Camp

Last day of dance camp and all I have done is one sock and half the foot of another. I did get my beads out and look at them yesterday. One of my cases had leaked beads, so I had to clean up a spill in my case. Eauuuwwww! Beads all over the place. It was horrible! Oh, the humanity!

Okay, I'm over-reacting but I have had a long week with two 11 yo girls, one of which is tempermental enough to be the prima ballerina of any dance company in the nation. Fortunately, my daughter chose the most diplomatic best friend in the world to invite to this dance camp and she has done a tremendous job bringing my daughter down when she's started to get all gnarly and grumpy. Otherwise, we would have packed up and headed home days ago.

I have a longer day without the older girls today, as they dance until 4, so I'm hoping to get the beads out and work on the necklace. I'd love to have something besides a sock and a half to show for a week away from home. And the necklace will be spectacular, thanks to Glastonbury Glassworks. (see my previous posts)

Once again, no profound spiritual insights, except for a gratefulness for God's goodness in allowing my daughter to choose such a wise and peacemaking girl as a best friend. The adage "opposites attract" certainly applies here because these girls are so different in personality and they get along so well as a result. PTL! It has blessed my week.

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