Monday, July 31, 2006

Life back to normal

Today, we went back to a normal schedule, with our Girls Fiber Arts Club this morning. Jumping right back into my fiber arts with a vengance this week is just what I need. With the heat index in the 110's today, hanging out in my basement studio will be heaven this afternoon. No laundry or dishwasher running, because of the warnings about electricity consumption and blackouts. I'll even refrain from working on my MBR quilt and keep the sewing machine and iron off, feeling virtuous while finishing my Widdershins sock.

Speaking of which, I finished turning the heel and have just to finish the calf. I'll be working on it at the Fiber Arts Club and my two youngest DD's dance camps today. We're off. I'll hopefully have pictures of my new socks by tonight. Yipeee!

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