Friday, July 21, 2006

What's on my design wall

Here is one of my current UFO's. I've put a bunch of my unfinished quilts up on my design wall, in the hopes that they would inspire me to finish them. I am undecided as to whether I will machine or hand quilt this one. It was hand-appliqued (one of my favorite techniques) but hand quilting takes me forever and I've got a quilt already in the hoop being hand quilted. So this one may get machine quilted. I'll be uploading more of my UFO's in coming days. Hopefully, a visual listing of my UFO's/WIP's might also spur me to greater diligence in finishing up the old before starting anything new.

Some items that I haven't photographed (yet) include those in my knitting bag. Currently, I'm working Samus from in a heathery, denim blue, as well as Widdershins socks from the most recent issue of I have been collecting red novelty yarns for a sweater for myself but am waiting to lose a few more pounds before making it.

I have some beautiful beads I purchased from that I plan to make into a necklace. Those are going with me to the dance camp, as well as Samus and Widdershins and my handquilting. The only other project that may get packed is my spindle and fiber, so I can get some more practice spinning. That is my newest skill and I'm still learning about it.

Well, no profound thoughts today, just lots of dreams and UFO's bouncing around my head. I'm off to take kids to different activities, as usual. With my craft bag in tow, of course.


livnletlrn said...

Hey, I know those beads! ;-)


Lorraine said...

I'll post a picture of the finished necklace, if I get it done. Of course, I have way more planned than time this week. :-D