Saturday, July 29, 2006


Hooray, I finished the necklace and some earrings to match, just in time to wear them to the dance recital last night. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get home and can download camp pictures from my camera and take them. I am excited with my design, as I'm a fledgling bead designer, this only being my 3rd bead project. The technical aspects are decidedly amateur, as I forgot my beading books and had to guess and by gosh it but figured I could take it apart and rework it later when I learned more, if necessary.

The dance performances went long, as most of these things do. My 5 yo fell asleep in my arms before the performance ended by I was proud of my oldest dd and her friend, as they toughed out a long week and did well in their performances. We're enjoying the pool this morning and then heading for the Twin Cities. Once there, pictures of my few accomplishments will appear but I'll heave a sigh and be proud of myself as well. Chaperoning a week of dance camp is not for the faint of heart. Ta ta.

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