Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More UFOs

Seeing as I haven't quite finished the second Widdershins sock (1.5 inches to go), I'm posting another UFO picture instead. This is a finished applique block that I've got on my design wall. I'm mulling over whether to finish it as a wall hanging or a pillow or to use it as a center medallion in a larger quilt.

This was my first attempt at Hawaiian-style applique and I enjoyed it immensely, being a needle-turn enthusiast. I found the vibrant colors exciting to work with, since my usual color palette is somewhat more subdued. I'm becoming more adventurous as I age. I'm less afraid of working on something outside the box because I know that nothing is permanent. It's okay to rip it out, sew over it, or even over-dye it later. It is even okay to throw it away if you really hate it. Okay, I don't mean "throw" away but recycle or regift it.

I've taken half finished projects and put them into ziplock bags with their patterns and all the fixings and put them in garage sales or even in charity boxes. One man's trash is another man's treasure. My mom scored some gorgeous yarns at Goodwill and I found a whole collection of 40's and 50's dressmaker patterns at Goodwill that I used for years in my costume designs. Eventually, I passed them on to a young costume designer in a garage sale of my own. One of our local quilt shops has an annual garage sale where you can rent table space and sell off or swap your stuff. How cool is that?!?

So I'm buying yarn and fabrics and kits in colors that don't necessarily go with anything I own or necessarily match. I'm just picking things out that make me happy or just seem to grab me and cry out, "MAKE ME!" In this case, the kit just wow'ed me and I love the finished block. The idea of making this into a Christmas wall hanging or lap quilt seems most reasonable, since the colors are most suitable to a holiday theme. Perhaps finding a Hawaiian pineapple pattern for a border would add a hospitality theme. I'll just mull it over some more.

BTW, the heat here has broken. It is a delightful 76 degrees and a heavenly, drizzly, wet day. After dealing with near drought conditions and 100 degree temperatures, what a blessed relief. And it will be down in the 60's tonight. I'm turning off the air conditioning and opening windows tonight. Alleluia!!!

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livnletlrn said...

That is stunning. I've never done any real applique, so all those nooks and crannies make my head spin, but I love the kaleidoscopic flame-on-flower effect.