Thursday, August 03, 2006


The Widdershins socks are done and I've begun the next pair. I'm ready to turn the heel of the first sock with the Lang Yarns Jawoll (the blue tweed). And imagine my delight when I pulled the tail from the center and out popped a spool of reinforcing thread. I had no idea that this yarn came with it's own coordinating reinforcing thread. This will be the first time I've used it but believe me, I'm giving it a try. I spend a lot of time darning my hand-knit socks because I love them so much.

I still haven't gotten back to my MBR quilt. I'm doing so much driving around to dance and hockey camps that my shoulders are sore and spasming. Sitting in my favorite recliner and knitting is far easier than running my sewing machine and pressing quilt seams. I'm in need of some serious exercise, since I've missed my kickboxing classes for two weeks straight but the kids' camps have conflicted with my classes, so I'm OOL until Saturday. I'm hoping to hop on my bike tonight after my DD#2's camp for a 10 miler, just to get the ol' HR up but will see how tired I am after a day of running kids to and fro.

Well, I've tried a number of times to post a picture of the socks but the network is not cooperating, so I'll try again later. Not that they are great pictures. I may try to have my DD#1 model for me and try and get better ones before I post them. Taking pictures of one's own feet is kind of bizarre and twisted, perspective-wise, that is.

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