Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Fair pics

After lunch at the fair we did some rides and games. Yes, my husband let the kids find some non-huckster games to try. My DS#1 was too smart to attempt any games, having been coached by me for too many years but the girls have too much dreamer in them (or not enough cynicism) to not long to win the brightly colored stuffed animals and plastic swords. I have to admit, there is something disturbing about the animals they have at these booths. My DDs picked brightly colored animals with bodies that appear to be dachunds but had a unicorn horn. Are they weinercorns? Dachsacorns?

On our way out, I finagled a visit to the vendor halls for myself. I left my exhausted crew outside in the breezes and shade and wrangled the crowded halls by myself.

This vendor won my vote as Best in Show. It was a good thing my girls were sitting outside at a picnic bench with Daddy when I wandered past this booth or we would have been broke. The costumes were divine and the doll exhibit was to die for. I'll be checking out their website for some Christmas gifts this year.

Now, for some knitting news, the Flying Purple Widdershins are finished. I'm waiting for daylight to photograph them. I'm working on the heel flap of the first Dancing sock and have found another lace pattern I want to try sometime. I've also pulled out Felted Knits so I can plan some more Christmas gifts. As usual, the allure of the new is tempting me sorely right now, with the excuse that Christmas is coming giving me all kinds of justification for leaving my poor UFO's in the dust. Oh, and to compound the guilt, while cleaning out my craft closet, I found another knitting UFO buried underneath a pile of plastic bags. How could I lose this beautiful knitting project? I'll snap a picture when the sun comes up, just to show what a tragedy almost occurred.

You know, I feel like a soap opera. Will she stay faithful to her first love or will a new love tempt her to stray? Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion.

I'm beginning to figure out how the Yarn Harlot chose her moniker.


Sheepish Annie said...

We wait in nail-biting anticipation! ;) I do love a good soap opera...

I found a few half-finished items during my summer clean-out, but none that were particularly well-executed. I was sorely tempted to keep them as a reminder of mistakes made through inattention, but opted to let them go. I've improved my skills somewhat in the intervening years!

Sounds like you all had a fun day!

livnletlrn said...

Lately I've been realizing that somehow an awful lot of UFOs have piled up around here. Ridiculous, really, because some of them only need a little bit of my time. So I decided yesterday that I need to FINISH some things over the next couple of weeks to position myself to START something new to take on vacation in October.