Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stereotypical knitter???

After browsing through many knitting blogs, I've discovered that I'm not alone in being an animal lover. Believe it or not, the cat in the leaves posed herself for this one. We were repainting our bedroom and I had taken down a wreath and she decided it was a dandy place to curl up for a nap. Cats are mysterious creatures because a wreath of prickly grapevine and dusty silk grape leaves would not be my ideal spot for a nap. Perhaps she thought she was camouflaged and could snag that illusive dust bunny under the bed.

My little floofy, an 8 pound, 6 year old medium hair female, is my knitting companion. When I'm curled up with a good sock, she's usually snuggled on my lap. She's a good kitty, in that she rarely attacks my yarn but occasionally, when the yarn gets too feisty, she has to teach it a lesson. She is obviously my cat, tolerating the kids and totally disdaining my DH, which is humorous in the extreme, since he is the cat lover extraordinaire in the household.

Our other cat is a 19 year old black and white tuxedo male. He used to weigh 16 pounds but he's lost weight over the past few years and is down to about 13 pounds. He is our lover. He purrs if you look at him and will cuddle for hours. My DH and I have had him since 2 months after our wedding. He was our first baby and we adore him. When he was younger, he couldn't stand the kids but he has mellowed considerably in his old age, allowing the kids to pick him up and even purring for them, if they are gentle.

One other knitting bit of news, I bought my first pair of Addi Turbos yesterday. After struggling with bad joins on my size 1 circular needles through 4-1/2 socks, I stopped by my LYS to pick up some new needles. They were out of sz. 1 (they'll call me when they're in) but I was planning to make a pair with sz. 2 to anyway, just to size them up and, spur of the moment, decided to give the magic loop method a try. I'm debating whether to finish my current WIP before trying the new needles or just starting a new sock on the Turbos. To quote Dr. Suess, "Well, what would you do?"


livnletlrn said...

I'd do all of the above. Start new socks by magic loop. Plug away at socks in progress. And then start another new pair when the new needles come. I like to have multiple pairs of socks in progress for different knitting times and levels of concentration. :-)

Lorraine said...

You are a dangerous friend to have around ;-D. You're just feeding the obsession.