Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a Day!

Whew! We're home and we are all exhausted. Everyone (except the driver - PTL) fell asleep in the car on the way home from the fair. This is how our day played out.

This was our first stop of the day, since it is my favorite place at the fair. We had about 40 minutes to take a look at the exhibits. The little girls loved the miniature houses and I longed to hang out with the Weavers Guild of Minnesota but we had to hurry off to see these guys.
This was at the University of Minnesota Stage and these guys do performances and have a DVD of their fun and wacky demonstrations of the laws of physics. Above they are being really wicked and teaching kids the efficient way to t.p. a tree with a leaf blower. Below, they were setting up to show how air pressure can be manipulated to actually blow a penny into a candy dish.
KARE-11 News had a crew there and my kids will be watching avidly to see if they'll be on the news tonight because they saw the camera do a scan of the audience. Too cool!

After the Physics Force, we headed to the Pet Building for a live Pet Surgery. My 13 yo DH#1 is planning on becoming a vet and is already looking at colleges and preparing his high school course of study, so this was very high on the priority list. I decided not to photograph this part of our day, since one young lady fainted during the surgery and had to be carried out of the area. The operation did not phase my DS and, after the surgery, he had a chance to speak for quite awhile with the doctor who had been describing the procedure, who had some great suggestions for his high school plans (volunteer recommendations, course of study, etc.) and some pretty strong warnings about the commitment veterinary medical training requires. Definitely very productive and worthwhile trek.

Well, this was our morning at the fair. Fiber Arts only got about 40 minutes of the time but with a family of 6, this seems pretty reasonable. Someday, I'm going to get brave and venture off to the fair by myself and spend an entire day wandering through the Creative Arts building and really enjoy myself. Until then, the Physics Force was pretty cool.

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