Monday, August 07, 2006

Teaching Knitting

Here is a the purse I used to teach my Intermediate Knitting class last year. The purse was one of my own design but the flower embellishment came from Nicky Epstein's book, Knitted Embellishments. The publisher graciously allowed me to use a number of patterns from the book to teach more advanced knitting techniques to my girls. They ended up with wonderful, felted handbags and several embellishments to mix and match with their handbags and other accessories (from previous classes).

I guess I am showing it because I am a little sad that I am not teaching knitting at our homeschool academy this fall. I have taught knitting for several years and this year, planned to teach a class for boys. But because of circumstances beyond my control and a special request, I'll be teaching a class on color theory and physics instead. Although the color theory/physics class has some fun elements and will be a great opportunity for the kids to learn about how light and color really work, I'll miss the chance to pass on my passion for fiber arts this fall. My hope is that the spring session will have room for my boys knitting class, because I have all my plans already laid out. And quite a few young men have already expressed an interest in learning to knit, so there is already enough interest to hold the class.

I've been flat on my back most of the weekend with a virus. I'm praying that I don't go into a secondary infection, which is my usual pattern. But I have made lots of progress on my second set of Widdershins socks. The first blue is done, just a short anklet. And I've started the gusset shaping of the second sock already. Silly me, though. I had started the second sock and had the toe shaping nearly done when I realized I forgot to use the included reinforcing thread. So I had to frog it and start over. Fortunately, I am very comfortable with frogging things. And I'm always glad to practice a new skill, like Judy Becker's Magic Cast-on so that I become proficient at it. Practice makes perfect.

Being sick means I got lots of TV time in. A rare thing for me. I'm an old movie buff but of late, I've become a fan of Law and Order, Criminal Intent. They had a marathon on yesterday, so I knit and watched for the whole afternoon. I've always like mysteries. Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, Columbo, they started it. Now look at me, a whole afternoon in bed just watching TV and knitting. Where will it end?

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