Sunday, August 13, 2006

knitting at the fair

No new pictures to show. But I did something I've never done before, I knitted at the fair. I tucked my little sock in my fanny pack and pulled it out while kids were on rides and did a round here and a round there. I've started the gusset and am using a different increase, just for fun. I may end up frogging it, if I don't like the look. When you're tagging along with 3 to 4 kids, it's hard to analyze, so I'll do a few more rounds and then take a look.

I did get to look at some llamas and alpacas while at the fair. Granted, this was just the county fair and there were only a few but there was one lovely white llama that I would love to get a fleece from - what a luscious coat on her. Now, being a complete spinning newbie, having only learned to spin with a spindle, it would take me years to complete an entire fleece with a spindle. And there are no plans to add a spinning wheel to my already bursting design studio of equipment. But she was a lovely animal and her fleece was so light that I'm sure that any dye would have transfered brilliantly to her fiber. Yuuuuuummmmmy!

We also perused the entries in the education building. My girls loved seeing all the entries from children their own ages. My eldest was looking for an entry from a dance friend that we were helping with a knitted purse but we were unsuccessful. I am seriously considering having my kids put some of their school projects in again next year. DD#1 put a quilt in several years ago and took a grand champion ribbon for it. She has worked on things since then but never finished them. I should really put my foot down and get some of her UFO's off her list, too. Then she could enter them in the fair next year. Another New Years resolution, perhaps?

I ran out of time and didn't get to check out whether they had a quilting or crafts building. The demolition derby ended and my DH and DS rejoined us and the younger DDs were out of steam. I may sneak out this afternoon and go back to the fair, just to see what else I missed. Or I may stay home and sew on my own MBR quilt. Who knows, I may enter it in the fair myself. Wouldn't a ribbon look good on my design wall?

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