Friday, August 11, 2006

Sock progress

To the right are the completed anklets from the Widdershins pattern. They'll look great with jeans this fall. I totally love this pattern because I can alter it any way I want to. The only thing I'm unhappy with is the bind off was a little tight and they are hard to get on and off. I'll need to do a little research and find a better binding off technique for anklets. For the longer socks, it doesn't matter so much but my usual technique of using larger needles to bind-off just wasn't adequate.

Above is the third set of these socks in the purple. I've added a lace stitch to the top of the socks called Gull Wings from Socks, Socks, Socks Edited by Elaine Rowley, published by XRX Books. The main attraction was it is a simple, repetitive pattern that is easy to memorize, so I'm not constantly referring to a chart. I always need a no-brainer project to tote around with me. It also had the advantage of having the same number of stitches as the Widdershins pattern, requiring no math to convert the pattern. How slick is that! These I plan to make much longer, so I may make them wider at the top by adding stitches in the purl sections between the lace panels, if necessary. I'll just experiment as I go. That's the lovely thing about toe up socks. I can adjust the pattern as I go.

No sewing yet. My shoulders are still giving me grief. I've bought a new pillow to try and am continuing the ice and ibuprofen route. I feel a little better but am not 100%. I tend to be too focused on the machine when I sew and can get stiff and sore, if I'm not careful. I'm hoping to get back at the MBR quilt before school starts up again but it's not a given, considering school is only 3 weeks away. YIKES! Where did the summer go! And I had such high hopes to finish so many UFO's . . . The new always is so much more alluring than the old. This Widdershins has been quite the seductress . . .

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