Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two of my favorite things

These are pictures of two of my favorite knitted projects. I call the socks my Easter Egg socks. I'm particularly proud of the fact that I made the stripes match on the two socks, which doesn't show on the picture but is true, nonetheless.

The bag is my favorite knitting bag and I carry it everywhere. It gets more comments than anything I've ever made. It's made with Lambs Pride and I love the halo effect that came out when it was felted.

My purple Gull Wing sock is nearing completion. I haven't cast on with the Addi Turbos, only because I haven't figured out if I can cast on with the Magic Cast-On with one needle or if I'll have to use Dbl points and transfer.

Frankly, the reason I haven't had time is I've been surfing blogs, trying to create a list of blogs I read to add to my blog and deciding if I want to join some more rings or not, just to generate some traffic on my blog. I've giving my blog address to friends and a few family members but am unsure how public I want to be. There are pros and cons to the public nature of blogging. Being a Christian in an increasingly hostile society is a little frightening but the call to be salt and light is as true today as it was 2000 years ago. How "out there" do I want to be? I'm not sure yet but I'm doing some homework and lurking to see what others are saying and what the reaction to their postings are before hooking up with too many rings or advertising too many blogs on my site without understanding their viewpoints a little more thoroughly.

Well, off to DD#1 last summer dance camp. One week of running and then two weeks before school starts again. Where has the summer gone? I talked my DH into letting me spend the last two weeks of summer just "vacationing" with the kids. Extra sewing machine time, extra beach time with the kids, maybe some time at a local history museum, and no school books. Sweeeeet!

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