Friday, August 18, 2006


These are photos of the bottom band of the Samus sweater I'm working on for fall. I've not been very diligent on this one, only because it takes concentration to follow the chart and, too often, I'm not in a place to concentrate. I'm hoping the next two weeks of "vacation" will give me a few hours to finish the bottom band and then I'll be able to pick up and start knitting the main body of the sweater, which will be easy and mindless knitting for the time in the waiting rooms at dance and orthodontists and everywhere else to which the ubiquitous knitting bag is always traveling. (sidenote - I'm so proud that I figured out how to do the link thing. Woohoo!)

Of course, during this same "vacation", I'll also be going through school books, setting up schedules, filling out calendars, reporting forms, making final doctor and dental appointments, cleaning out cabinets and drawers and prepping my lessons for homeschool academy. Whew, I think I'll need a retreat to recover from my so-called vacation.

Well, off to the housework treadmill. You know the one I mean, the one you go around and around on and yet never get anywhere on, for while you are working on one thing, something else is getting messed up somewhere else. Doesn't matter how fast you run, you just don't get anywhere . . . at all . . . ever . . . Behind each mountain of laundry is . . . you guessed it, another mountain of laundry. Etc., so forth and so on, ad nauseum. Okay, normally I'm not this bitter but it's been cloudy and dreary for two days and I'm a little sunshine deprived. Time to put some happy music in the MP3 player and just get some work done. Ta ta.

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Shirley Goodwin said...

I've seen that pattern on Knitty too, and thought it was great! Interesting to see it in action. And you've done the book meme too! Thanks for your kind comments about my dyed fabric. I love the purple sock -did you get the other one done?