Thursday, August 03, 2006

Photos - finally!

Here are pictures of the finished socks. They are made out of the leftover yarn from a baby project for a dear friend who is having twins (no I won't post the pictures of the finished baby gifts, as she might peek). It is a hand-painted yarn called 'Spicy Lights' from Inspirational Fiber and Textile in Buffalo, MN, that I picked up at the Shepherd's Harvest Festival on Mother's Day weekend. I have enough of it left over that I'm thinking about making the Knucks pattern from the latest issue of with the leftovers. (

With school around the corner, I can't help but start thinking about fall and cooler temperatures. The colors of these socks remind me of the changing seasons and, for better or for worse, the upcoming homeschool year. Feelings are mixed for me. I am always excited, because the return to a schedule means more structure and control and less chaos. But this year is a little scary, too, as my older children are enrolled in a new cooperative and each will be away from me for a whole day each week, taking enrichment classes. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn from new instructors and to learn subjects that I have less expertise and ability in but it means more car time (2 hours each day) and sending my children "off to school" for the first time. I know, one day a week for each of them isn't that much, but when you've been with your kids 24/7 since birth and been their sole instructor for 13+ years, this is a big step.

I just hope my apron strings are long enough . . . Just kidding.

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