Friday, June 15, 2007

Frantic crafting

It has been a somewhat frenetic week here. I've been so restless and discontent in the fiber arts department. I start one project, then drop it and pick something else up. I can't focus long enough to finish anything but just keep flitting from WIP to starting a new project to UFO and back again. I've literally been all over the map of the crafting realm.

I sat down and tried to figure out why I'm so schizophrenic. Then I realized - without Hockeyboy here, the house is so quiet, it's driving me crazy. Ordinarily, I'd say that the energy and noise HB generates drives me to distraction but the truth of the matter is, its absence is four times as distracting. Go figure!

Anyway, HB is due home tonight and it will be a relief to have him here, safe and sound. You can bet I won't be complaining about his noisy, zany antics for quite awhile. Oh, and maybe I'll be able to concentrate and actually finish something.

Here is a list projects that I've worked on this week:
  • Second pair of socks for hubby.
  • Sizzling Socks for me.
  • Sock knitting project bag (the only FO of the week).
  • Wine Country MBR quilt.
  • Afghan for parents (brand new project).
  • Finishing Stealth project for BFF's baby (nope - not done yet and she's being induced Monday - yikes).
  • Mitered squares.
  • Ribbon Cardigan.
  • Cleaning and organizing the studio (found more sock leftovers - yeah, baby!).
Lots of hours of work but no new FO's to photograph. Maybe next week?

BTW, a couple of comments on the mitered squares: Tonyia asked, "What'cha think you'll do with them?"

I'm not sure yet. I'm just collecting them, like quilt blocks. When I get a good sized collection, I'll figure something out. Top of the list is - you guessed it - a handbag or purse.

Livnletlrn asked, "You're not knitting the new miters onto the old ones? That's going to be an awful lot of seaming someday. Maybe the fun now is worth all that yucky seaming later?"

Not yet. I don't have enough different yarns yet to start putting things together with any randomness, which is the design concept I have in my head. However, I figured that later I could pick up the edges along two squares and attach them with a new square and repeat that process to build bigger blocks. I'll still end up with a few seams but not nearly as many is if I'd sewn them all together individually.

And you're talking to a woman who occasionally does quilt piecing, applique and quilting by hand and enjoys it. I am fearless when it comes to seaming. The needle and I are one. When I'm in the zone, I'm a sewing machine. Mrrraow!


livnletlrn said...

Ooh, yeah, I never thought about picking up edges from 2 squares and knitting a miter in between, instead of seaming. But then again, I forgot that you might not mind seaming quite as much as I do. But to enjoy it? That's just plain weird. ;-)

Sheepish Annie said...

"Mrraow" Hee-hee! That just cracked me up!!! Probably because I'm not much of a seamstress...

Hope that things settle down when HB walks in the door. Yours is the second post today that I've read discussing the odd feeling that comes from having a child away from home. Nothing seems the same, I would imagine.

Guinifer said...

That is a crazy fiber to-do list! I thought I was bad!

Hey - if you want some sock leftovers, I have a bunch sitting in a box in the corner looking for a home!