Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Magical Miters (and Medical Mayhem)

More miters magically appear. Okay, not magically but I can see why these get kind of addicting. It is a very mindless type of knitting, once you get the pattern figured out.

The four center blocks are all Socks That Rock leftovers. I also managed to check my stash for other leftovers and have quite a few dribs and drabs to keep me busy for quite awhile. I figured I could even use smaller scraps and create striped miters, just to use up every usable bit of yarn. In the meantime, I'll keep working on more socks, just so I can supply more scraps for future miters. You know, to feed the addiction . . .

Besides miters, we've had a bit more medical mayhem around here. I finally surrendered and made a doctor appointment on Tuesday. It was obvious that my lame attempts at self-medicating were not bringing about the desired improvement in the ??? Pox (i.e. bronchitis). After doing a few odd jobs around the house Tuesday morning, I headed up to take a brief nap before my appointment. On my way up the stairs, I warned the DD#2 (Bubba) and DD#3 (Peeps) to stop sliding down the stairs on their sleeping bags. Mommy being sick meant little girls didn't get enough park playtime, I guess, so they provided their own playground equipment. After some argument, they acquiesced. Smugly, I headed off for my much needed rest, feeling that I had taught them the meaning of "Resistance is futile."

Not ten minutes later, a tremendous crash and piercing shrieks shattered my repose. Hockeyboy and Dancing Diva both screamed that Peeps was hurt. I come barreling out of my room to discover that since sliding down the stairs was not allowed, Bubba and Peeps decided that JUMPING from the top of the stairs to the landing would be even more fun. They had piled up all the pillows and blankets from their beds to cushion their landing. After a test run by Hockeyboy (who is 5'7" and SHOULD KNOW BETTER), Peeps took a running leap from the top of the stairs - only to find out that, being under 4' tall, she wouldn't make it to the safety of the piled pillows but would come crashing down one stair up from the padding.

Peeps was hysterical, her ankle was swelling and turning purple . . . and guess whose face was nearly the same shade.

So Peeps came to the same Dr. appointment with me. Fortunately, her ankle wasn't broken, only sprained. A few ibuprofen tablets, a wrap, ice and rest is all that she will need to be back to normal in a couple weeks. And Mom got her magic bullet (i.e. antibiotics) and is on the mend as well.

Oh, and Mom has redefined the rules about playing on the stairs - in great detail and with no loopholes . . . and threats, mighty terroristic threats to wreak motherly vengeance on those who might attempt to get around my iron-clad legalese and misuse the stairs as playground equipment ever, EVER again.



livnletlrn said...

You're not knitting the new miters onto the old ones? That's going to be an awful lot of seaming someday. Maybe the fun now is worth all that yucky seaming later?

I can see how they'd be a quick and enjoyable knit, though. Leah started a hat of mitered squares and triangles from Charlene Schurch's _Hats On!_ book. She didn't finish it, but maybe she'll get back to it eventually. I'm keeping it in mind as another way to use up sock scraps.

Sheepish Annie said...

Heaven help me if I ever get to making miters...I may never stop! They are just so darned cool looking...

Kids are masters at making their own fun. And making high blood pressure happen. Sheesh! Although I now sorta want to try that stair thing myself. Don't tell the kids. I'm not known for my ability to set a good example. Which is one of the reasons that I don't have'd probably read about me in the papers on a regular basis.

Feel better soon! I'm so glad that you went to the doctor.

Rani said...

"in great detail and with no loopholes" OMG I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants! (OK - the getting sick and hurt is not very funny) but the rest!! OH my. Don't you just LOVE em!

I have to add that quote to my daily mantra with my kids. Note to self: when giving instructions about worms in house - explain "in great detail and with no loopholes". Tee hee hee.

Guinifer said...

Heh - my boys don't need to jump down staircases to break their bodies! Good luck with the no loopholes thing!!!

Tonyia said...

love your miters! they DO get addictive. What'cha think you'll do with them?