Thursday, June 21, 2007


Imagine if you will, an idyllic scene - Lorraine blissfully sewing away in the early dawn hours in her lovely studio. Outside, the sun has risen in glorious splendor and the birds are heralding the start of another wonderful summer day. Inside, the sewing machine and the quilter are humming away in perfect harmony.

One of the lovely daughters of the quilter extraordinaire comes wandering in, rubbing sleep from her cherubic eyes and looks up at the ceiling. "Mommy," says the little angel, "Why is the light fixture crying?"

"AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! NO! NO! Nonononononono!" screams Mommy.

It's a flood. With shrieks for help, Mommy starts dumping fabric out of plastic tubs and placing them in strategic places to catch the flood of water that's starting to pour from the light fixtures and door jamb of the closet.

After a quick survey to be sure the drips were being caught in buckets, the Lorraine dashes up the stairs, overturning another of the cherubs in her haste to find the source of all the water flowing into her studio. Toilet overflowing? No, it's fine but there is an inch of water in the bathroom and back entryway.

What the ???? Where is it coming from? Open the laundry room door . . . OH MY WORD! The sink, into which the washer has been draining since the regular drainpipe sprung a leak, is filled and overflowing onto the floor.

A quick investigation uncovers the source of the problem - someone put the plug in the drain in the sink!!! WHY would someone do something that stupid?

There was no time to figure out who did this dastardly deed. Marshaling her troops, she set kids to work mopping up water, emptying the closet where water was dripping down the walls and moving all items in danger from the deluge out of the studio and into the family room.

The final result - a disastrous mess that's going to take days to clear up, leaving less sewing and knitting time. :-(

The silver lining - an opportunity to reorganize the craft closet. And perhaps find more UFO's and Wanna-do's for the summer to do list. (Wait a minute is that part a silver lining or another potential disaster? Hmmmm?!)

The guilty party who plugged the drain - who knows. If someone in this household did it, they're not confessing to it. However, they are probably heartily regretting their criminal action.

The evil-doer's punishment - spending a lovely summer morning mopping and cleaning up water. And they can look forward to spending all day tomorrow (and the next) putting the studio and family room back together.

The fate of the innocent bystanders - er, uh, oh, whatever. This job will take everyone working together to finish anyway so suck it up and get busy.


Rani said...

NOOOOoooooO! At least you're not paying a plumber 100s of dollars! And you're newly organized stuff will feel lovely.

ps. I am testing my first cable . . .tee hee hee. I'll post a pic manana.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh no!!! I'm glad that you caught it...but I'm guessing it would have been nicer to catch it sooner. Still, you have a pretty good outlook on the whole thing. I'd still be curled up in a ball crying, "why?? why?????"

Guinifer said...

So, was it you? That's when I get the maddest, when I'm the one that did the dumb thing (and I have, oh, I have.) It will seem like such a passing thing when all is said and done, right? (Things our mother used to say that made us crazy.)

Ellen said...

I used to have my washing machine empty into a laundry room sink instead of a drain - unfortunately, the sink was on an outside wall and the drain would FREEZE - so, only one way for the water to get out!!

I had the lovely experience of clean-up and (when we used the washing machine) bailing out the sink more more years than I care to explain to my mother. When we finally renovated, the change was like night and day. Keep looking at the daylight - it's much better than looking at the floodwaters!