Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sultry Summer Sewing

Summer-like heat has hit in full force here in Minnesota. With temperatures soaring into the high 80's and low 90's, I'm hiding out in the cool and comfortable atmosphere of my basement sewing studio quite a bit this week.

As a result, I've completed not only a bag for my Knitting Gnome Swap partner but I made a new bag for myself, as well.

However, I'm beginning to suspect that I have a problem. When I completed the Swap bag, it seemed quite reasonable to make another bag for myself. After all, I had all the equipment set up and several variations on the pattern designed and sketched out. I also have ample stash fabrics to choose from, making this bag yet another way to bust stash. A happy morning in the craft studio resulted in the bag you see. An ideal bag for sock projects. It's wide enough to allow two center-pull balls to set flat in bottom of the bag, is tall enough to tuck a pattern down inside without excessive folding and includes a nice pocket on the inside, divided into separate sections for dpns and circular needles.

However, my DH had another reaction. After revealing this latest creation to him, he rolled his eyes, heaved a huge sigh and asked, "And just why do you need yet another bag?"

Taken aback, I replied that this bag was for socks. Just socks. I didn't have a sock project bag yet.

He reiterated his question - "Why do you need another bag? You have dozens already."

He had me there. I do have dozens of bags. I also have 3 unfinished bags in my UFO pile as well. But, in my defence, none of them were sock project bags. I have big bags for sweater projects, middle-sized bags for scarves, hats and other less bulky projects and even a few small book bags that socks might squeeze into but aren't really ideal, for one reason or another.

Do I have a problem? Is it a serious issue if I continue to make new bags to suit specific needs or just because I am bored with the old ones? Am I addicted to bags?

For that matter, do I have a problem with socks, too? For you see, having two pairs of socks already on the needles wasn't enough to keep me from casting on yet another pair, this time with the hand-dyed yarn from the Shepherd's Harvest class I took in May.

These Sizzle Socks are a variation on the Widdershins toe-up pattern I adore. The stitch pattern are mini cables which twist in opposite directions on each sock, making them symmetrical. I am planning to use the cable pattern on the heel flap as well, so they look good in clogs.

Do I suffer from multiple addictions? Perhaps. Am I seeking treatment or help for these addictions? Uh, I don't think so. Admitting I have a problem may be the first step on the road to recovery but it is also the last step I plan on taking down that road. In fact, if you see a crazy 40-something mother of four running down the middle of the street with the most adorable new sock project bag dangling from her arm and knitting furiously on bright pink and orange socks, you can be sure it's just me running in the opposite direction, as fast as I can go.


Rani said...

You're other option is to have several large freezer ziplocs lying around the house. Your bags are just so much prettier.

Sheepish Annie said...

Men don't get the "bag thing." Or the "shoe thing" for that matter. Bags are fun to make and are really vessels. That gives them standing...stature, even. And you have to have a different one to match each thing you own in both color and function. And bags sometimes go out of style. They must be replaced.

Men should be glad that we don't have the same attitude towards them!

Guinifer said...

That pink and orange yarn is delightful - as is the sock pattern. Your hubby obviously does not understand the needs of an addicted sock knitter.

livnletlrn said...

Um, I'm not sure I understand the question or the problem here. I'll think about it while rummaging through my fabric and fiber stash in preparation for the plan Leah and I concocted for Sunday morning, when the dad and bro are going fishing. You see, our big plan is to...can you guess?...make nuno felted bags!