Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Project updates and some kitty pr0n

The mark on my finger finally came out. It took a long soak in the whirlpool tub and a little extra scrubbing with soap.

But guess what! It's back already.

Yup, I'm hard at work on the other pair of socks for DH. They have a few more inches before the gusset shaping, so I'm not even going to try and remove the mark until the socks are done. As many of you have suggested, I am going to wear it proudly as a badge of honor.

Ribbon cardigan is also progressing, slowly but surely. I can only stand working with the ribbon yarn for so long before I cast it aside for more reasonably easy knitting. A little here and a little there should get it done eventually, though.

I also started a new project. I've been collecting wine red yarns of different types for a couple of years, with the idea of making a sweater. But after swatching with a few of the yarns, I decided the pattern I chose would not look flattering on me. So the wine collection has been marinating in my stash for quite awhile.

For my birthday last year, my DH made this weaving board for me, from the book Weaving Without A Loom. He cut little notches every quarter inch along two parallel sides of a 4' x 4' piece of 1/4" press board. Once it was done, I knew that the wine collection was the right yarn to use for my first project - a triangular shawl.

I'm threading the weaving board with 3 strands of each yarn, in a repeating pattern. Once the board is warped, a strong yarn is run diagonally from top right to bottom left and fastened securely. Then the top thread will be taken from the notch on the left side and woven down through the warp threads on the right hand side. Working from top to bottom and right to left, each thread will be woven through the warp until you have a triangle of woven fabric.

My hope is the repeating yarn pattern will result in a subtle plaid and the ends of the yarn will make a lovely tasseled fringe.

But first, I have to finish warping the board. Unfortunately, Koda thinks the tails make wonderful cat toys and is attacking my yarn ends. She is definitely slowing down the process.

Then again, she is such a sweetie. Who can resist her cattyliscious charms.

(Stay out of my sunshine - I'm basking)


Rani said...

sigh. Love the kitty. I live with an anti-cat husband and dog. I keep hoping a stray will land on my doorstep.

Sounds like you have plenty of projects on the burner. Can't wait to see them . . . and no (feeling sheepish) . . . no cables yet (face turning red).

but keep on me!

Guinifer said...

Heheh - the mark on my finger's a dent, no color.

Even my old kitty still loves the sunshine.

livnletlrn said...

My mind is kind of boggling on the weaving thing, but Leah has a tri-loom and I learned how to use it with her and that *still* boggles my mind too. I'll be watching for updates just in case the process becomes more clear. And even if it doesn't, I'll have fun watching your shawl emerge.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet kitty! I love an upside down cat. So funny!

I envy you the weaving! I go through phases...usually in the summer. I break out my little Spear's rigid heddle loom, weave a bit, realize how long it takes and give up. For the best, really. I'm not all that good at it. I'll weave vicariously through you, 'kay?