Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goody basket - for moi?

Oh my word! Look what came in the mail for me yesterday! A few weeks ago, I sent a few of my quilt books to a deserving new home. And this was the thanks I got.

Wow! Now I want to move to Maine because every item in this basket was beyond delicious. So incredibly decadent and wonderful that the basket is already empty.

Oh, BTW, I didn't eat ALL of the treats by myself. Dancing Diva's Distant BFF, who is visiting from Texas this week, was over and the whole family + guest dined on the delicious desserts in this little basket from Cranberry Island Kitchen. All that's left is a jar of Wild Blueberry topping that I plan on using for my waffles and pancakes for the next few weeks. YUMMMMM!

Now, for a few comments on comments.

Guinifer asked, "So was it you?"

No I did not put the plug in the drain. I've been paranoid about something like this happening and have been scrupulous about checking for stuff in the sink before starting loads. But I admit I didn't check this time and I paid for it. I still don't know who did it but feel the guilty party was sufficiently punished by the consequences of their wicked deed. It was a hard day for all of us, cleaning up the mess. Ugggh!

Guinifer also asked, "Did HB have a good time at camp?"

Initially, I didn't think so because he was so subdued when he got home. But he actually had a blast and was just wiped out (and a little dehydrated) and needed to sleep for a few days. He definitely wants to go back to this camp again next year.

Rani posts, "I'm testing my first cable . . ."

Mwahahahah! Gotcha! No pictures on her blog yet but I can understand. She's battling the Dark Side of the Force that is hindering her attempts to finish a specific pair of socks. If you get a chance, stop by her blog and encourage her with "May the Force be with you," comments.

On a joyful note, BFF Jewels had a baby girl on Tuesday morning, who was completely healthy and normal. Her previous child has Downs Syndrome and had complications that required surgery, so we're all rejoicing that everything was so uneventful this time. Mom and baby are home with the whole, loving family and doing incredibly well. I'm waiting until after dance camp next week to schedule a trip down to see them and to present the gifts to this precious gift from above.

Regarding the status of the flood, I have a little more clean-up work to do in my studio. Then I'm going to work on the Master Bedroom Quilt tonight. I'm getting close to done on the piecing of the blocks and will be working on the layout soon. Then I'll be able to show some pictures than will convey what the quilt will look like. The unfinished blocks themselves just don't tell the whole story and aren't picture-worthy.

Oh, and I finished the fronts of the ribbon cardigan. I'm tempted to sew everything up and put the button band on and see if I like it as a vest (have I mentioned how frustrating knitting with ribbon yarn is?). Of course, if I do that, I'll have a bunch of leftover ribbon yarn in my stash and I'll still have to knit something with it. Ugggh! Well, slow and steady wins the race and this project will get done so I can put the wonderful buttons from Gastonbury Glassworks. I'm so in love with the buttons that I will get them on the cardi - soon.

As for my gajillion other WIP's and UFO's, I'll get there - eventually. After all, it's only June . . . what the ??? The 23rd!?! Okay, just where did June go? Really - tell me!


Sheepish Annie said...

Mommy Sheep was so touched by that you'd share books from your own library with her. She really wanted to make sure that she said, "thank you" for everything. I'm so glad you liked the goody basket! Good stuff, huh? My mom knows how to pick the best in yummy stuff. :)

Shirley said...

Stuffed if I know where June has gone! Where has the YEAR gone? Lovely goody basket - one good turn deserves another. Glad the flood was sorted out.

Guinifer said...

No kiddin' June is GONE! What the heck happened?

Rani said...

June left with my opportunity to really plant the veggie garden. I will only get zucchini and tomatoes this year.

Well, I cabled. Like you said, not hard . . . but it's tedious!

Jealous of the goody basket. That is so much fun!!!