Monday, March 03, 2008

Job satisfaction

I've already posted about these socks over at A Year In Socks but I am so in love with the cabled heels, I can't help but crow a little bit more.

I can't photograph them very well, for some reason. Winter cloudiness or the deep color of the yarn - whatever it is, the pictures just don't do justice to the depth and texture that the cables impart to these socks. I'm definitely on the hunt for a new pair of clogs to show off these beauties. Woot!

In other fiber news, I finally started cleaning my studio this weekend. I managed to contain the fabric explosion that kept the closet doors from closing. I managed to fold and reorganize most of the fabric, so that part is done.

I also managed to clear the floor so that all the miscellaneous threads, fabric snippets and detritus could be vacuumed up. It was a Herculean task to just vacuum, since so much of the fiber was stubborn and resistant to the less-than-stellar suction of my vacuum. I finally took the filter out and spent 45 minutes cleaning it. But my carpet now looks like new and I'm no longer afraid of impaling my feet on loose needles and pins.

I still have to sort and reorganize the yarn stash and I have an overflowing basket of mending that needs to be attended to before everyone outgrows the items. Then the sewing room will be back to normal and I'll be ready to tackle some sewing projects. Double woot!!

There is nothing like a clean craft room to make you want to dig in and trash it again.


Rani said...

The socks really do rock! And it must be so satisfying to make the pattern up yourself.

by the way, I had the font all in white on the blog! Thanks for the input. I fixed it!

SPRING CLEANING! WHOOOO HOOOOO! It feels great, right? (I haven't done that in sooooo long). I'll have to get on a project. But first . . . a little knitting.

Guinifer said...

Be so careful with those pins and needles! A needle & thread killed my little kitty when I was in my 20's. She chewed the thread and there was a needle attached and no one knew!

Carissa said...

What pretty socks! It feels great to clean up a crafting space, doesn't it?!

Sheepish Annie said...

This is why I never clean. It just leads to more cleaning...

Love those socks!

livnletlrn said...

I'm digging out of some mess too, trying to get my feet back under me after 2 mos. of an extra 20-30 hr/wk job and then 2 wks away. It does feel good!

Gorgeous sockies.