Friday, March 07, 2008

Sewing Room Friday

This is the little thief that has been stealing all of my sock knitting time. This is the outer part of Dancing Diva's Pointe Competition costume. I also had to make a custom leotard and bootie shorts to go under it.

While I sound like I'm complaining about the time drain, I've actually had a delightful time working with Dancing Diva on this project. She designed the original concept, selected the pattern, fabric and ribbon trims, and has been giving her input on the finishing details that have gone into the costume.

The swagged drapery/sleeves were added to the commercial pattern that DD selected. The swagged fabric is not attached but is fed through channels, so that they can be adjusted and tweaked into the perfect sleeves. I'm not satisfied with the back of the costume yet but it is awaiting a final fitting before deciding the final disposition of the tails.

All in all, I think it is a sweet little costume that will flow beautifully as she dances.

In other sewing news, I've spent some time with several friends putting together 36 quilting packets for the Keepers At Home club that my younger two daughters belong to. I will be teaching basic quilting to that group over the next month or so.

So, if I don't seem to be making much sock progress - well, so be it. At least the ol' sewing machine is getting a work out.


livnletlrn said...

You MADE that?!!! Beautiful! She will FLOAT across the stage.

Tonyia said...

Bootie shorts?

I don't have a dancing child, so what exactly ARE bootie shorts?

This is GORGEOUS! I truly envy your sewing skills!

Guinifer said...

Her dress/costume is absolutely stunning. You do great work.

Did you watch the BSM/Edina game?

Sheepish Annie said...

That is adorable! And looks like it will move beautifully on a dancer. Nice job!!

Carissa said...

You did a fantastic job! I'm sure that DD will look wonderful in it!

Rani said...

socks schmocks. So long as your creative mojo continues to flow.

The costume is gorgeous! Is it for a competition? Or the big recital? You and your daughter have a great eye for color and design! LOVE IT!